Mr Beast reveals how he wasted over $100K on “scrapped” YouTube videos

MrBeast, YouTube / Unsplash

Popular content creator Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson revealed that he has spent over $100,000 on YouTube videos that he has decided against posting on his channel.

Mr Beast has built a massive following of over 30 million subscribers on his YouTube channel for his generosity, often giving away thousands of dollars to random strangers in his videos.

The YouTube star invests quite a lot of money into creating more content for his fans and on February 15, he shared that some of the more pricey videos he had created never even made it to his channel.

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Mr Beast, YouTube
The YouTube star revealed that he had scrapped some of his potential uploads.

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MrBeast is also known for coming up with some bizarre challenge videos, such as his recent Lamborghini giveaway, and revealed that some of the ones he had already filmed in 2020 did not meet his quality standards.

“We’ve already scrapped 3 big videos so far this year,” MrBeast shockingly revealed, “I only want to upload the best of the best for you guys!”

The popular YouTuber also shared that it had cost him $100,000 to produce the three unused videos, “I don’t care if we spent $100k and a week filming, if it isn’t perfect I don’t upload it.”

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Many fans were shocked at the massive figure and fellow content creator WILDCAT reached out to MrBeast, jokingly offering him $20 to upload them on his own channel.

MrBeast hilariously agreed and began “selling” them at a low price, revealing that he spent a large portion of the cash traveling to the seven wonders of the world to film one of challenge video, roughly $85,000.

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“Sure. You can have the video where we visited all the 7 wonders of the world. At least I’ll get $20 of the $85,000 back lol,” he jokingly offered.

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Although it is unlikely that MrBeast would actually giveaway his videos for $20, many of his fans called for him to upload the “scrapped” videos on a second channel so that his hard work wouldn’t go to waste.

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