Mr Beast reveals crazy reason he hasn’t been uploading YouTube videos

Mr Beast speaks to the camera in a vlog.YouTube: Mr Beast

Mr Beast is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting over 43 million subscribers due to his habit of giving away huge amounts of cash and his insane challenges — one of which caused an unexpected halt to his usual content schedule.

Considering his popularity, it comes as little surprise that Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson’s merchandise is also highly sought-after — but little did he know that fans would be ordering his latest line in droves.

On August 2, Mr Beast challenged the internet with a unique proposal: he would sign every single limited edition T-shirt each time someone bought one, as told in a humorous live stream with his friends.

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However, the challenge ended up being much more than he could chew, with the ensuing project taking around twelve days to complete — no thanks to his subsequent tweet that dared the entire internet to buy a shirt.

While the profits are likely outstanding, so was the pain in Mr Beast’s wrist from signing so many shirts, the entire amount of which he revealed in a YouTube video on September 17.

Joking that he’d made a “big mistake,” the YouTuber showed off the massive haul of shirts he was expected to sign, which even included ones that hadn’t yet been printed with the design due to high demand.

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That’s not all; Mr Beast even conscripted the services of a professional physical therapist to massage his shoulder as he signed the shirts, as the constant writing started up a cramp in his muscles.

The total number of shirts signed ended up tallying up to 68,337 — an endeavor that took him well over a week to complete.

Considering this fact, it stands to reason that the rest of his content was somewhat delayed, explaining that he needed to sign all the shirts to raise money for his upcoming 40 million subscriber video.

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” he said of the project. “…I suffered to make the best content possible for you guys.”

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The YouTuber also teased that his massive 40 million subscriber special will be airing in two days, so fans should mark their calendars to avoid missing on the video that cost Mr Beast 12 days of intense shoulder pain.