MrBeast offering $10k reward to fan who wore his merch on TV

by Virginia Glaze
MrBeast, YouTube - Twitter


Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is known for his insane acts of charity - which could be branching out from his videos, according to one of his Tweets.


MrBeast uploaded a video from a Dallas vs San Antonio basketball game, where a young boy was captured in the crowd wearing one of MrBeast’s hoodies (as well as sporting a popcorn container on his head).

MrBeast appeared to be pleased with the kid’s enthusiasm, and even offered a $10,000 reward to the child for wearing his merchandise on TV.


“Someone get me in contact with this kid so I can give him $10,000 for wearing my merch on TV,” MrBeast Tweeted, prompting a slew of hilarious responses beneath the post.

Despite the widespread jokes, the child in question actually reached out to the YouTuber in a video response beneath the Tweet.

“I love your sweatshirt, I love your channel, I love all your merch,” the boy said, revealing his name as Timothy Wright. “...I greatly appreciate the shout out.”

The child went on to give out his contact information, including a phone number - which resulted in Twitter user Katie Wright (likely the mother of the boy) learning a hilarious lesson.


“Oof, you definitely shouldn’t have put the phone number there,” one user responded to the video.

“I just learned a lesson,” Wright responded.


Other notable personalities in the space had humorous reactions to the tweet, with Fortnite caster and streamer KittyPlays calling the kid a “legend,” while others, like model Corinna Kopf, claiming that they were actually the boy, instead of Timothy.