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Mr Beast joins exclusive club as second channel hits major milestone

Published: 1/Nov/2020 23:26

by Tanner Pierce


MrBeast hast hit another huge milestone as his secondary, gaming-based YouTube channel surpassed 10 million subscribers, joining a very select group of content creators who can also boast such an achievement.

In the YouTube scene, getting over a million subscribers is a big deal and is usually lauded. 10 million subscribers or more, on the other hand, is a whole other ball game and signifies that a YouTuber has, well and truly, made it big.

Even among that relatively small club (if you consider how many YouTuber channels there are in the world), even fewer are able to say that their secondary channel has over 10 million subs. Now, at least one more YouTuber has joined that exclusive club.


On the evening of October 31, 2020, MrBeast’s second channel, titled MrBeast Gaming, climbed over the 10 million mark – an insanely impressive number for any channel, let alone one that’s considered to be his “second.”

What’s more amazing is that this channel was created on April 7, 2020, so it only took less than eight months to achieve the milestone.

That said, the fact that his primary page has over 45 million subscribers makes this much less of a surprise since MrBeast is very much a household name at this point. His gaming videos were regularly bringing in over 10 million viewers so it was really a matter of when and not if.


One of the more popular games on his channel, as one might expect, is Among Us.

What does make this news even more interesting is the fact that the star YouTuber, back on September 1, tweet out that if MrBeast Gaming ever hit 10 million subs, he and the boys would “each get a tattoo.”

He’s since talked about this pledge more and more as his channel’s numbers continued to skyrocket, even going as far as to say that almost their entire group had already picked out their tattoos’ designs.

Mr Beast joins exclusive company

As mentioned above, very few YouTubers even have over 10 million subs on their main channel, let alone a second one. With this milestone, MrBeast joins a very exclusive group of content creators that includes the likes of KSI, Like Nastya, Vlad and Nikki, and a few others.


Now the only thing left is to see what tattoos he and his team have chosen to get, and when they’ll get them. Either way, expect a massive video because, well, that’s what MrBeast does!