Mr Beast humiliated by eating champion in 18-pound pizza slice challenge

Published: 3/Aug/2020 16:24

by Alice Hearing


Popular YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has taken on one of the world’s most prolific competitive eaters in a challenge to see who can eat the world’s largest pizza slice the fastest.

Mr Beast has more than 39 million subscribers on his YouTube channel thanks to his YouTube videos that mainly see him handing out cash to his friends and strangers if they can complete a series of challenges.

Joey Chestnut and Mr Beast, world's largest pizza slice
YouTube: Mr Beast
Joey Chestnut holds 50 World Records for eating challenges

He has recently made a comeback after a short two-week hiatus from posting videos. He came back with a bang, filming a stunt where he got every single dog in a shelter adopted.

Mr Beast and six of his pals were up against Joey Chestnut, the fastest competitive eater in the world. Joey has 50 different world records for eating, including eating 121 twinkies in 6 minutes, 30 gyros in ten minutes, and 126 tacos in 8 minutes.

Mr Beast’s team included Chris Tyson and Chandler Hallow who went up against Joey to see who could eat a 6-foot, 18-pound pizza, split between them, the fastest.

The gang was confident at first that three of them could beat one Joey Chestnut, but they were beaten even with four extra people on board. Joey finished his pizza in just over 30 minutes, while Mr Beast’s team were unable to finish their slice at all.

Before the challenge began, each man weighed themselves to compare with how much weight they had gained post-pizza. Joey weighed 229 pounds before eating and had gained 21 pounds after eating (and drinking lots of water). Mr Beast, Chandler, and Chris together weighed 537 pounds before competing and gained a collective 10 pounds.

Even Joey himself said that this pizza was one of the hardest challenges he’d ever done.

Last week, Mr Beast challenged his fans to solve the “World’s hardest riddle” and offered a $100,000 reward to the first person to find the answer. The riddle took 8 hours in total to be completed.


Jschlatt teases return to Twitch after year of not streaming

Published: 24/Jan/2021 16:00 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 16:03

by Georgina Smith


Content creator Jschlatt has suggested on Twitter that he may be making a return to streaming soon after sticking only to YouTube uploads for the past year, leaving his fans hopeful.

Jschlatt is a popular YouTuber who makes content about a variety of games like Among Us, and has also participated in the streamer dating show Love or Host.

He has over 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channels combined, and while he used to actively stream on Twitch, he hasn’t done so in around a year.

Back in August 2020, the YouTuber uploaded a video in which he explained why he hadn’t been streaming since the middle of January that year.

He explained that he used to stream daily on Twitch during the SMPLive era, a popular Minecraft server, as well as previously streaming weekly on YouTube.

In order to keep up the momentum of being on Twitch, Jschlatt explained that he felt like he “needed to be funny 24/7,” and due to the fact that people only seemed to want to watch him play Minecraft, he would see his view count plummet when he played other games.

For that reason, he shifted his focus to YouTube content and stopped streaming from his Twitch channel, though some fans were left wondering if the decision was permanent or temporary.

On January 24, streamer Ludwig replied to one of Jschlatt’s tweets remarking, “one year since u last streamed big guy,” to which he simply replied “soon…” with a smiley emoji.

While there are of course no details as to when exactly this might be, the brief interaction seems to have got some fans wondering if Jschlatt really is planning on making a return.

“What the f**k does this mean, WHAT DOES IT MEAN,” one fan replied, another saying “I don’t care if you stream or not as long as you keep being yourself big guy.”

It seems that as excited as fans might be, they’re ready to support Jschlatt with whatever he decides to do with regard to streaming, and hope that there’ll be more content from him on the horizon.