MrBeast hosts PewDiePie’s Meme Review to stop T-Series YouTube takeover

PewDiePie, YouTube / MrBeast, Twitter

Top YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has pulled another ace from up his sleeve by having MrBeast host Meme Review in a bid to fend off T-Series in their ongoing subscriber battle. 

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Mr Beast is an extraordinarily popular content creator in his own right, with over 15.5 million subscribers as of March 5, and PewDiePie will be hoping that his guest appearance will help maintain his lead over T-Series as the most subscribed to YouTube channel.

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The YouTuber hit over 88 million subscribers on March 4 and, at the time of writing, live sub counts show a that he has a lead of 44,000 over the Indian Production Company. However, T-Series is still very much in the hunt. 

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PewDiePie, YouTubeElon Musk was the first featured host on PewDiePie’s meme review show.

The Swede made the shock announcement during a video on March 5, where he revealed MrBeast would be in charge of the Meme Review segment. 

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This week’s host is just the latest popular face to have hosted an episode of the popular YouTube series, after Tesla’s founder Elon Musk was revealed as a guest host on February 22. 

(For mobile readers, PewDiePie introduces MrBeast as the Meme Review host at 10:50 in the video below)

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Despite admitting that he’s running out of ideas to increase his sub count, Pewds has managed to use these shock appearances to move further away from T-Series – who were just 9,000 subs away from him before Musk came in to help. 

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Even after Musk’s episode, T-Series continued to gain, and the gap fell as low as 1,400 at one point. Thankfully, MrBeast’s appearance has given him a much needed boost, and the lead is now at 44,000, as of March 6.

Whether or not the YouTube king will keep up the pace and continue to distance himself from his closest challenger remains to be seen, but these new hosts of Meme Review certainly seem to be helping him a lot. 

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