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Mr Beast goes undercover as news anchor for $20k giveaway

Published: 7/May/2020 22:33

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson is known for giving away insane amounts of cash in creative ways, and has taken his talents to the next level with an “undercover” operation in light of current global affairs.

While Mr Beast has opened free banks, free car dealerships, and even tipped wait staff with actual gold bars, it’s a bit harder to pull off such stunts with the ongoing worldwide situation in mind.

Thus, the YouTuber opted to go virtual with his next giveaway in an operation that might even rival classic spy movies — with a comedic twist, of course.


Mr Beast, Instagram
YouTube star Mr Beast is known for giving out huge amounts of money in creative ways, such as his stunt where he gave a limitless credit card to strangers under the pretense that they couldn’t go over its “limit.”

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Going undercover as a news anchor, college professor, construction worker and even a lawyer, Mr Beast and his crew used their connections to score video interviews with individuals affected by the global crisis under the pretense of interviews and case studies.

With a $200k budget in hand, the social media star shocked teachers, students, and others who had been negatively impacted by the issue, who he tricked into thinking they were merely part of a survey.

Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast and friend Chris went undercover as college professors in a bid to surprise teachers and students with quick cash to aid in the current global crisis.

One interviewee admitted that she hadn’t had a car since August 2019, which she claimed she would put her $5,000 towards after Mr Beast blew his cover.


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The content creator nearly shed a tear himself, after giving away $10k to a New York-based woman who’d been laid off, who began crying after he revealed his charitable plans.

“Rent will be paid,” she said. “Maybe I can get a good night’s sleep tonight, and maybe I can pay it forward like you guys did for me.”

Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast nearly shed a tear after hearing one woman’s testimony and reaction to being gifted $10k.

However, this is far from the greatest of Mr Beast’s future plans; the YouTuber admitted that his video call giveaway stunt was merely the beginning of the charitable exploits he has penned for the coming years.


“This is just the beginning of what I want to do,” he revealed. “Over the next few years, I want to help thousands of people.”

Having planted over 20 million trees, directly impacted struggling families in his own community and even aiding those impacted by global affairs, it’s no secret that Mr Beast is one of the internet’s most philanthropic stars, rising to the top alongside names like David Dobrik to spread smiles one video at a time.