Mr Beast gives first look at insane $700,000 private island

Mr Beast Private IslandYouTube: Mr Beast

After having spent one million dollars on lottery tickets to fund an island for a ‘Survivor’-type event, Mr Beast has revealed the first look at his private island.

Mr Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is never far from another large scale video stunt. On August 8, he uploaded a video titled “I Spent $1,000,000 on Lottery Tickets and WON,” with the volume of tickets so high that a truck was needed to transport them all.

Although he did technically win, he only made back $720,971 of the million that he spent. But that didn’t halt his plan, planning on buying the best island he could for the money that he received.

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Mr Beast YouTube
Mr Beast is known for giving away huge amounts of cash

He announced in the video that the 10 volunteers that were scanning in the huge number of lottery cards, would be the candidates in a ‘Survivor’-type event.

This will comprise the third part of his video series, and see the volunteers compete to win the island itself.

In the second part of the series, uploaded on August 13, fans got a glimpse of what this event will end up looking like as Mr Beast shows off the $700,000 island for the first time.

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Once on the island, the team are shocked at the sheer scale of it, Jimmy said: “When I bought this island I had no idea it was this big.” According to the video it is  “nearly four football fields long.”

They set themselves the challenge of staying on the island (that they named Jeff) for 24 hours, and come nightfall they even explored the caves that were made accessible after the tide went in.

Mr Beast Private IslandYouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast and his team meet the wildlife on his new private island

The island seems like it will make for an exciting finale, with an interesting landscape and wildlife including wild pigs. The last person to leave ‘Jeff’ will be deemed the winner, and as a prize will become the owner of the island.

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The final video of the series is expected on August 15, and will be viewable on Mr Beast’s YouTube channel.

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