Mr Beast claims he could have made the Logan Paul & Sidemen collab even better

Brad Norton
Mr Beast Sidemen Logan Paul
Instagram: MrBeast / Instagram: sidemen

After seeing the Logan Paul and Sidemen YouTube collaboration, Mr Beast claims he could have helped them with a viral content idea to soar past “100 million views.”

Following weeks of speculation, we finally know why Logan Paul and his crew traveled to England. The main reason was to film a segment for the “overhyped” KSI show. However, he was also involved in a few other YouTube videos during his time overseas.

An episode of the Impaulsive podcast saw Paul and KSI squash their beef, while a new Sidemen video saw them compete in ‘extreme fishing.’ It’s the latter that internet sensation Mr Beast took issue with.

While the KSI episode of Impaulsive “will be number one” in 2021, Paul said, the Sidemen Sunday episode could have been much better, according to Mr Beast.

While playing a game of online poker with a few other social media stars, Paul had a brief discussion with Mr Beast. “[He] was laughing at us,” Paul joked in the latest episode of his podcast.

“He’s like, damn you were collabing with the Sidemen and all you guys did was go fishing? If you would have asked me, I would have given you a video that got 100 million views.”

Given the history between Paul and KSI, and the potential for a collab video all these years later, to see them just fishing left Mr Beast disappointed. “It was weird that we went fishing,” co-host Georg Janko even agreed.

There’s no telling what this potential 100 million view idea may have been. Though there’s no denying Mr Beast’s involvement would only have helped.

Despite the criticism, the fishing video has already hit 14 million views in its first week. This makes it one of the Sidemen’s top five most-viewers videos thus far in 2021.

“No matter what we did in the UK, whatever that crossover looked like, it would have gone to the moon,” Paul said confidently. But we’ll all be left speculating what could have been if Mr Beast was involved.