Mr Beast and David Dobrik taste test $70,000 pizza, $2,000 steak & more

MrBeast, YouTube

YouTube star Mr Beast is known for his insane viral videos, but his latest project might be his most expensive one yet, thanks to some seriously high-priced luxury food.

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting over 31 million subscribers due to his mind-blowing cash giveaways and over-the-top challenges for his good-humored friend group.

While the YouTuber has given out millions in cash before, his highly-anticipated February 29 upload saw the star and his buddies take on a taste test fit for kings, trying out high-priced food cited in the Guinness Book of World Records.

MrBeast, YouTube
Mr Beast and crew tried luxury food items in his latest video – even a pizza worth over $70,000.

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Mr Beast and crew began their journey with easily affordable eats like a $1 slice of pizza and $6 burger before trying out their first luxury meal of the day — a plate of $64 wings covered in 24 karat gold leaf.

That’s not all: the squad even sucked down a $124 milkshake, which crewmember Chandler described as tasting like a “silk cloud.” Containing Tahitian Vanilla ice cream and 23 karat edible gold, it comes as little surprise that this luxury treat won their favor — but that wasn’t the end of their food journey, by far.

MrBeast, YouTube
Mr Beast and crew taste tested a milkshake worth $124, complete with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream, 23 karat edible gold, and donkey caramel sauce.

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The crew even invited vlogging star David Dobrik and the “vlog squad” to taste test a $2,000 steak, which the YouTuber jokingly claimed was like “slicing into a baby.”

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“It doesn’t taste like steak,” Dobrik mused, going on to rate the meal a solid 9 out of 10 stars for its luxury quality.

MrBeast, Instagram
Mr Beast teamed up with vlogging star David Dobrik to taste test some of the world’s most expensive luxury eats.

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While Dobrik had to leave to film another project, Mr Beast and his friends continued their stint with $3,000 pork, $4,000 Tomahawk steak, and even $5,000 fish tacos before testing their behemoth final meal — a pizza worth $70,000.

Complete with an ounce of gold leaf covering its crust, $4,000 worth of truffle mushrooms, and $16,000 of albino caviar, the pie was truly a marvel to behold and left the squad floored by its “marvelous” taste.

Of course, Mr Beast didn’t let any of the expensive food go to waste; he explained that he’d donated their leftovers to kitchen staff or other restaurant-goers, and even donated a whopping $20,000 to food banks, totaling their entire dining venture at over $120,000.

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