Mori Calliope reveals Hololive EN’s highly-anticipated 3D VTuber model debut date

. 5 months ago
Mori Calliope hiding behind kitsune mask in hololive live2d kimono outfit
YouTube: Mori Calliope

Hololive EN are finally getting their highly-anticipated 3D models, with star VTuber Mori Calliope teasing the debut date on stream. It comes after years of streaming with Live2D rigs, and opens the door to more content opportunities.

In the world of VTubing, getting a 3D rig means business. They can be a bit more intense to set up, but open up stars to a lot more content opportunities.

For Hololive EN ⁠— arguably the biggest VTubing group on the planet ⁠— all they’ve known is their Live2D models. Promises of a 3D model have been whispered, but nothing locked in. Now though, a date is in place and the hype is real.

The grim reaper’s apprentice herself, Mori Calliope, confirmed the Hololive EN VTubers (at least the first generation streamers) will be getting 3D VTuber models in time for their March 19 concert at SUPER EXPO 2022.

Mori Calliope, Watson Amelia, Ninomae Ina'nis, and Gawr Gura new Hololive EN outfits
After numerous Live2D outfits, the Hololive EN stars are finally getting 3D models.

“A lot of people have been asking about our appearance at the Makuhari Festival [SUPER EXPO 2022] ⁠— I think maybe some people have already talked about it unless I’m the first to announce ⁠— we will be performing in 3D,” she confirmed on February 2.

“We [Hololive EN] are all performing in 3D. They figured out how to make it happen and everybody will be performing live in 3D. It’ll be our very first 3D appearance ever, singing and dancing.”

Mori added a number of the Indonesian idols would be getting 3D models at the same event, with full details to be revealed closer to the debut timing.

It’s unusual to debut a new model at a concert instead of on stream, but Calli stated it was a necessity to “skip debut” so they could perform on stage. However, it’s opened the door to more content opportunities into the future.

“As a matter of fact, 3D things may continue after that for people as they like. After that happens, the doors to 3D for all of us are open,” she explained.

The related segment begins at 3:47:00.

“It sucks about the debut situation. I know there are going to be people who aren’t happy about that and the girls aren’t going to be in Japan, but just know that we found a way to make it work and I think you guys are going to like it and be excited.”

While most of the Hololive talents are yet to meet in person, and this concert was meant to be a way to do so, Calli and the rest of the talents are excited to keep pushing forward with new content in their upgraded models.

“It could be another year [before an in-person meeting]. It’s starting to get unfortunate, not just for me, but for the others as well who have the capabilities to do 3D at home,” she admitted.

“It’ll still be a special day when we meet IRL in Japan. I don’t think this is going to take away any of that specialness, but I think it’s time for us to start moving forward with our 3D activities.”

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