Mori Calliope cracks down on “distasteful” superchats on YouTube stream

Hololive star Mori Calliope during kimono reveal stream holding kitsune mask and sake glassYouTube: Mori Calliope

With some viewers using “distasteful” superchats to spread hate on her YouTube stream, Mori Calliope has had enough. The Hololive star is cracking down, stopping readings, and even giving money to up and coming VTubers if viewers make toxic donations.

Being one of the most popular VTubers on the planet, Mori Calliope has made millions off of YouTube’s inbuilt superchat system ⁠— $1.7 million to be exact.

The donations, which work similarly to Twitch ones, pop up on stream with a little message. VTubers like Calli also give viewers special shoutouts for the donations in big reading sessions.

However, after a rise in hateful comments in superchat donations, Hololive’s reaper is putting her foot down and cracking down on the harassment.

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Hololive star Mori Calliope wearing kimono on YouTube streamYouTube: Mori Calliope
Mori Calliope is cutting toxic superchats and using the money to support other VTubers.

“This isn’t meant to tip anyone off, make anybody angry, but I won’t be reading all akasupas ($100 superchats) pending on my discretion. Some pretty high level superchats have been utilized to send some nasty things recently,” Calli admitted in a January 17 stream.

“Usually, I choose to ignore them and not read them, but I’ve slipped up a little bit and put down my guard, so that’s how it’s going to go.”

Instead of giving her “deadbeats” the privilege of having all their comments read out, she’s going to start using her donations to support those being harassed in the star’s chat.

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This money can be used to support either up and coming VTubers who get ridiculed in the superchats, or just pushed around to fellow Hololive streamers.

The related segment begins at 36:10.

The major point is Mori Calliope is trying to build a more considerate community ⁠— even though “99.9% of [them] have the best intentions” ⁠— and cracking down on superchats is the start.

“I don’t mean to hurt any feelings because I do care about you guys,” she added. “However, if you do choose to send superchats that ridicule or say distasteful things about other people in general, I will take that money and will go to their stream and give it to them.

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“Maybe consider not doing that if that is okay. That is what is going to happen. You shouldn’t do that because I’m just going to go give it to them. Is it that hard to just be cool?”