Mom splits TikTok after keeping her kid on a leash in public

Mom holding onto daughter in shopping cart with pink leashTikTok: AlexisHealth

A mom has sparked debate on TikTok after a clip of her keeping her daughter on a hand leash went viral across the video-sharing platform. 

TikTok may have started out life as a place for people to share songs, dance routines, and other creative endeavors, but it has become home to so much more than that in recent years. 

As a result, plenty of videos have sparked intense debates on the video-sharing platform, including the likes of Couch Guy and DoorDash drivers who won’t deliver if they don’t receive a tip

Though a new clip, from TikToker AlexisHealth, has joined those ranks after she uploaded a clip of herself keeping her daughter on a leash as they shopped. 

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TikToker splits TikTok by keeping daughter on leash while shopping

The clip, which was uploaded at the end of February, has racked up over 12 million views as … said she is “okay looking like a crazy mom” as she is “never tired of protecting” her children.

Plenty have questioned the TikToker as to why she feels the need to use a leash, especially when her child was sat right in front of her. “I’m a mom & this seems excessive,” said one. “It’s insane this is so normalized,” added another. 

Others have stepped in to passionately defend Alexis though, noting that they do similarly. “IDC what anyone says I’m doing this. Call me crazy but I will always be a protective mom first,” said one. “I’m not even a mom but I totally understand this,” added another. 

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The TikToker made a number of follow-up videos after the clip went viral, noting in one that she has worked with children in the past who are on the autistic spectrum and will elope – or wander off. 

She admitted it “doesn’t work for everyone” but it’s something she does to ultimately feel safer with her children in public. 

Alexis has gotten plenty more supportive comments with the follow-up videos, with some even asking what type of bands she uses so that they can follow in her footsteps.