Mom sparks debate over “messed up” way of keeping kids from snacks

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A mom on TikTok has sparked a debate in the comments over the way she has decided to keep her kids from eating all of the snacks in the kitchen.

TikTok is the home of a variety of different communities throughout its one billion monthly users. Active book lovers can join the platforms book club, while car lovers can defend each other on Car-Tok.

Another popular group on TikTok is parent-tok, where parents worldwide share tips & tricks for raising their little ones.

Erin, a mom with almost five thousand followers on the platform, recently went viral after showing the “messed up” way she keeps her kids from eating snacks all day.

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Mom sparks debate over how she keeps kids from snacks

Uploaded on February 25, Erin’s video has been viewed over eight million times. In the clip, she shows a door knob that can only be opened with her fingerprint.

“If you have kids that will literally eat all your food like rabid raccoons then you get it,” she said.

However, the special knob quickly sparked a debate between those in the comments.

Many of the users commenting on Erin’s video agreed with her use of the locking door knob.

“Only parents & people who actually have to pay outta pocket for everything will understand,” one user replied.

Another viewer said: “My nephew eats a week’s worth of snacks in a day. this would be good for his parents to have.”

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On the other hand, many others don’t like the idea of locking food away from their kids.

One user said: “I would just never lock food away from my kids.”

“Na that’s messed up,” another TikToker replied.