Mom shows up to YouTuber’s house unannounced and demands photo

Mother comes under fire for showing up to youtubers home unnannouncedTikTok: xomissjaay

A mother is coming under fire on TikTok after showing up to the home of YouTube star ‘Stromedy’ and demanding the influencer take a photo with her sons.

Being a top-tier influencer isn’t always sunshine and roses, despite what their content might have fans believe.

As a result of their fame, many creators have been victims of stalking and harassment from fans and critics — such as Twitch streamer Amouranth, whose stalker flew all the way from Estonia to Texas with the aim of breaking into her home.

The latest influencer to experience an unwanted interaction with a fan happened to YouTube star Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey, an influencer who is known for his “crazy, adventurous, thriller-styled videos.”

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Mother sparks outrage after showing up to Stromedy’s house unannounced

The incident sparked outrage online after a mother posted her interaction with the YouTuber to TikTok, showing herself and her sons coming up to Stromedy’s doorstep “unannounced,” as she said in the video’s caption.

In the clip, Stromedy explained that he was in the middle of filming a video and would be “more than down” to take pictures with the family right afterward.

After asking how long he’d take — to which the YouTuber replied “45 minutes” — the mother asked if he couldn’t take the photos right then, as they were on their way to see Christmas lights. “Can we just take one picture now, and then we’re done?” she implored.

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She posted the interaction — and their subsequent photo — to TikTok, but viewers weren’t impressed with the mom’s behavior. Many commenters accused her of “stalking” the YouTuber and scolded her for interrupting him in the middle of work.

“Never go up to their door,” one user wrote. “It’s disrespectful and an invasion of privacy.”

“Wow, the audacity. You’re so lucky he’s nice,” another said.

“There’s something called privacy invasion,” another wrote.

stromedy tiktok replies copyTikTok: xomissjaay

However, the TikTok mom wasn’t so easily admonished. She doubled down on her decision to take her kids to Stromedy’s home in a follow-up video, where she posted a picture of her entire family wearing a shirt that says: “I went to Stromedy’s unannounced. Mom made me do it!”

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Stromedy, however, seems to be relatively cool about the situation. The YouTuber left a comment on the mom’s original video, saying “Lolll,” but hasn’t made any other posts about the sudden fan encounter to any of his other social media platforms.

This is just the latest influencer invasion of privacy to go viral online after the home of OG YouTuber Jenna Marbles was broken into by a stalker.