Mom reveals secret $5 McDonald’s combo leaving customers stunned

mom finds $5 mcdonald's menu combo secretTikTok/becomin_a_saint

A mother has shocked McDonald’s customers by revealing a secret $5 combo that isn’t on the official menu and it comes with a lot of food.

It’s not exactly a secret that McDonald’s has hidden menu items, but combos on the other hand are a different story, especially when it comes to getting maximum bang for your buck.

McDonald’s combos tend are often centered around its staple items such as Big Macs and McChickens, but one mom found a better way to save money and keep her kids’ stomachs full.

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In a clip that’s been viewed over 500,000 times on TikTok, user ‘Brittney’ revealed a secret $5 combo that’s not on the menu and showed how she got it during a drive-thru run.

Mom shocks McDonald’s customers with secret $5 combo not on menu

While at the drive-thru, Brittney simply asked for the “$5 meal” before being asked by an employee if she’d like a double cheeseburger or a McChicken. However, the drive-thru worker further asked her about sauce for nuggets, suggesting there was more to this deal.

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At home a bit later, Brittney opened up her bag and showed how there was a lot more in the combo. In addition to the double cheeseburger, she also got four chicken nuggets, a medium fry, and a drink on top of that.

“You can’t beat that,” she proudly proclaimed. “And I got it for my kids.”

Users in the comments were instantly amazed by this secret combo, comparing it to deals they had seen at Wendy’s in the past. However, not everyone was convinced it would work in their area.

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“We don’t have this in California. We went to Mississippi and they have it. I was shook,” one commented.

“I need this!” praised someone else.

“This deal is on the McDonald’s app,” another replied, leading Brittney to respond saying how it wasn’t on the app in her area. “Different location areas have different deals I guess.”

“I’m in NY and this is called the $5 fan meal,” another stated.

tiktok comments about mcdonalds menuTikTok
The combo may not be available for everyone.

The general consensus is that while the deal is available in New York state, other places will only offer it on the McDonald’s app and others won’t even have the combo at all, so be sure to check if you qualify before trying this out.

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That said, this is certainly a snappy way to save cash and get a pretty good amount of food, if your McDonald’s has the offer, of course.

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