Mom hospitalized after TikTok ‘bucket prank’ goes wrong

Victim in hospital, screenshot of prankster putting bucker over a stranger's headFox 11 Los Angeles / TIKTOK: MU7G_

A viral TikTok prank called the ‘Bucket Challenge’ left a mother hospitalized after it triggered an epilepsy episode.

The ‘Bucket Challenge’ also known as the ‘bucket prank’ involves putting a bucket, or a container, over the head of an unsuspecting shopper. The aim is to record the victim’s confused reactions and post them on social media later. Such videos have gone viral on TikTok, garnering millions of views.

However, on March 26, the ‘bucket prank’ took a dangerous turn after it led to a 35-year-old mother losing her consciousness and being rushed to the hospital.

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Lana Clay-Monaghan was shopping for her infant twins at a Target in Tustin, California, when a group of middle schoolers put a bucket-like container over her head.

The victim told Fox 11: “I couldn’t breathe. I grabbed my neck, I started screaming. I was in such a state of fear and shock, however, I could hear laughing.”

TikTok ‘bucket prank’ lands woman in hospital

When she turned around, the 35-year-old said she found the youngsters laughing and recording the incident on their phones.

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The mother-of-two, who has epilepsy as a result of cancer, panicked as she struggled to take the object off her head, triggering an attack and eventually passing out. Lana woke up shortly thereafter in a local hospital.

“The worst part about this for me is the last moment I had is asking them for help and they were laughing at me and I hit the ground,” she told Fox 11.

The Tustin Police Department released a statement explaining that investigations were underway. Lana, meanwhile, was released from the hospital and is trying to move past the “traumatic experience.”

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This is far from the first time a TikTok prank has gone awry. Previously, a prankster’s megaphone stunt went horribly wrong after he messed with the wrong victim.

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