Mom horrified after stranger hacks into son’s baby monitor and talks to him

Mom telling story about stranger hacking into baby monitorTIKTOK: kurinadele

A mom went viral on TikTok after claiming that someone hacked into her child’s Owlet baby monitor and started talking to him during the night.

In a viral video with 6.1 million views, TikToker Kurin (kurinadele) said she was putting her son back to bed when she realized the monitoring camera in his room was unplugged. She then asked her husband to plug it back in, but their child begged them not to.

“My son starts crying and he’s like, ‘I don’t want my camera plugged in, I don’t want my camera plugged in, someone talks to me at night and it scares me. Someone wakes me up and talks to me and I’m scared, I don’t want my camera plugged in,'” she recalled.

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Kurin’s son then told them that the stranger talking to him through the Owlet camera claimed to be his parents, leaving them “completely terrified.”

The TikToker and her husband then tried to change the password for their cameras, but a notification stating that the password appeared in a data leak popped up. Kurina said that they had never received any kind of notification from Owlet about information being exposed.

“Who the heck knows how long someone has had our password and has been messing with my son?” she said in the video. The mom also shared that she’d be replacing her Owlet camera with a different type of baby monitoring camera that does not use Wi-Fi.

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In the comments, many TikTok users said they’ve had similar security issues with their Wi-Fi based monitors. “This same thing happened with our Owlet camera. I was walking past my sons room and I heard someone telling him to ‘calm down buddy.. it’s ok,'” one person wrote.

“This happened to us! My son would cry about monsters! Needless to say both of ours went in the trash” another added. “One night we heard loud growling. I thought it was cats fighting outside, but it was someone on my 2 year-old’s camera. Horrifying!” a third shared.

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