Mom goes viral for naming her child after a Disney World ride

Splash Mountain TikTokTikTok: vegangranolamom/Wikimedia Commons

A mom has gone viral after posting a video saying goodbye to her favorite ride at Disney World — Splash Mountain — in which she claims to have named her daughter after the ride.

Originally posting to TikTok, Kara, who goes by vegangranolamom on the video app, shared a video of herself with her baby daughter, saying “Goodbye Splash” in the video thumbnail.

In the video itself, Kara said: “The ride I named my daughter after shut down today at Disney I’m so sad.”

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The ride that had shut down that day was Splash Mountain, which led many to believe that Kara had actually named her daughter Splash Mountain.

The comments for that video were turned off, presumably as people questioned why she would name her child Splash Mountain.

Before that, though, Kara responded to one of the comments with another video, as she was accused of naming her baby after a “notoriously racist movie,” as debates around the origins of Splash Mountain — named after 1946 film Song of the South — continue.

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Kara cleared up the confusion, stating that her child isn’t actually named Splash Mountain.

“Her name is not Splash Mountain, it’s Briar,” she explained. “I got her name because I was looking at a baby name list on Pinterest, and it reminded me of the little Briar patch on the Splash Mountain ride.”

Many of the replies to that video were supporting Kara, offering alternative suggestions for if others ask about the baby’s name’s origin, such as Briar Rose, or Princess Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty.

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Others told her to “ignore the hate” and that Briar is a beautiful name.

There was clearly a big miscommunication here, with so many believing that Kara had really called her daughter Splash Mountain, but Briar does roll off the tongue a little better.

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