Molly Mae responds to backlash over “same 24 hours in a day” comments

Molly Mae responds to backlash over podcast commentsYouTube: MollyMae

British influencer and reality TV star Molly Mae Hague has penned a response amid ongoing backlash over controversial comments she made during a podcast.

Molly Mae Hague became a hot topic on social media last week after comments the star made on a podcast went viral.

The influencer, who recently became creative director at fashion brand PrettyLittleThing, commented that “Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in a day that we do,” saying that “if you want something enough, you can achieve it.”

Users across the internet expressed outrage over this sentiment, with many dubbing Hague’s comments “privileged” for comparing her life and schedule as a celebrity to that of people working comparatively more stressful, lower-pay jobs.

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Molly Mae apologizes for ‘privileged’ podcast comments

Three days later, Hague has finally issued a response to the backlash in an Instagram stories post.

In Hague’s post, she clarified that, “When I say or post anything online, it is never with malice or ill intent.”

“I completely appreciate that things can affect different people in different ways,” she wrote. “However, I just want to stress that I would never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything I say or do.”

She went on to “apologize to the people that have been affected negatively or misunderstood the meaning” of what she said during the podcast, saying, “the intentions of the podcast were only ever to tell my story and inspire from my own experience.”

Molly Mae instagram storyInstagram: mollymae
Molly Mae has issued a response to ongoing backlash surrounding her comments on the Diary of a CEO podcast.

Thus far, Mae’s statement hasn’t been met with positive reactions. Some critics feel as though the influencer didn’t actually apologize for her comments, but rather for fans’ feelings being hurt as a result of what she said.

“Love how Molly Mae’s ‘apology’ was basically a ‘sorry you misunderstood’ statement lol,” one user Tweeted. “Whoever is doing her PR needs to be sacked.”

“Molly Mae’s statement is just, ‘I’m sorry if you felt I said something wrong …… but I didn’t. Can I go back to flashing my wealth now? thanks x,'” another posted.

Neither Hague’s boyfriend, fellow influencer Tommy Fury, nor podcast host Steven Bartlett have commented on the matter at the time of writing.