Molly Mae fans worried after she shades Tommy Fury for “forgetting” she’s pregnant

Molly Mae hague sparks concern from fans after tommy fury interview goes viralYouTube: IFL TV

Fans are growing concerned after influencer and reality TV star Molly Mae seemed to throw shade at her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, claiming she rarely speaks to her partner in her 7th month of pregnancy.

Molly Mae Hague is in her seventh month of pregnancy with longtime boyfriend, boxer, and fellow influencer Tommy Fury, who is coming fresh off his exhibition match against Rolly Lambert back in November.

Although the fight happened some weeks ago (on the undercard of Deji vs Floyd Mayweather, no less), one of Hague’s interviews prior to the bout is going viral in December as fans have picked up on some of her concerning statements she made regarding her pregnancy.

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The interview, done with iFL TV on YouTube, saw the interviewer ask Hague about how her pregnancy was going, to which she gave some surprisingly shady answers.

Molly-Mae Hague pregnancy photo Tommy FuryInstagram: mollymae
Molly Mae is seven months pregnant with she and boyfriend Tommy Fury’s first child.

Molly Mae says Tommy Fury “forgets” she’s pregnant

“It’s been a bit of a stressful last couple of months, of course, because Tommy’s been in camp, and I’ve literally been by myself for two months, but now I should have him back for a bit,” she answered. “Provided he doesn’t have anything coming up soon.”

“I work all the time and he’s away working, and so it’s just constant. We’re never together. People have these dream pregnancies where it’s like, they’re always with their husband doing baby shopping and doing cute things, and me and Tommy literally just communicate through FaceTime at this point. Which is fine, but it’s what you sign up for when you are with a boxer.”

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“Does he talk to the unborn child?” the interviewer then asked.

“No,” Hague answered. “I think because he’s been away so much, I feel like he sometimes forgets. I’m like, you do understand I’m two months away — we’re going to have a child. I think he sometimes has to be reminded, a little bit, because he’s just away in camp-land.”

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Molly Mae fans call viral interview a “cry for help” amid lonely pregnancy

Lately, the interview has picked up steam on social media, with a number of concerned fans sharing the clip around Twitter and appearing shocked by Tommy’s apparent lack of involvement in his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

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“I feel so sorry for Molly Mae spending her pregnancy alone even though Tommy can easily afford to put his career on hold,” one user Tweeted. “That can’t be easy.”

“Tommy needs to realize Molly Mae is making enough money for the both of them that he can stay home and give his boxing hobby a rest,” another chided.

“That Molly Mae interview is pretty sad, that’s a cry for help right there,” another said.

However, it’s worth noting that Molly was surprised by her baby daddy at her official baby shower on December 4 in spite of his busy schedule, posting a few affectionate pics with him at the event.

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Molly Mae instagram story baby showerInstagram: mollymae

Mae also made sure to note that Tommy is a far different person at home than he is perceived in the public eye: “He’s very different to what people actually see. …Tommy at home is very different. He’s a completely different person.”

While it’s unclear what’s next for Tommy’s boxing career, he has been beefing with Jake Paul as of late – although it’s anyone’s guess as to if these two influencers will actually face off in the boxing ring.