MoistCr1TiKalr reveals latest music video cost him a “major” partnership

moitcr1tikalYouTube: Penguinz0

Content creator MoistCr1tikal revealed that his latest music video contributed to him being labeled a “brand risk” and subsequently dropped by a big company he was set to collaborate with.

MoistCr1tikal, a.k.a Charlie White, is not known for “family-friendly content”, a fact that the YouTuber himself admits to without a problem. But few would label Charlie White as a “brand risk” or an especially harmful individual.

But that happened when a big brand, that Cr1tikal cannot name due to legal reasons, broke off a collaboration with the content creator due to him being advertisement unfriendly.

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This all came because of “Filthy”, a song that Charlie and his friend made. The tune features creative combinations of swear words and profanity. Cr1tikal himself happily admits that it is “graphic” in its lyrics.

MoistCr1tikal has summed up this story and gave his opinions on the situation in a 28 January video titled “I Just Lost A Major Partnership.”

MoistCr1tikal’s reaction to losing a partnership over a music video

Charlie was equally confused and baffled by the company’s decision to drop him based on a vulgar music video.

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“I don’t see why all of the sudden that somehow besmirches any companies that might wanna work with me in the future,” explained Cr1tikal. “Like, let’s say this company wanted to make a song with Troy and I, then I would understand it.”

He went on to describe how their collaboration had nothing to do with music, yet it is Charlie’s music that was the final nail in the coffin.

Charlie’s community also spoke out in full support of him. Many touched on the topic of how sterile YouTubers need to appear for advertisers.

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“It’s funny how rappers are allowed to say the most vile things yet a YouTuber loses a sponsorship when you make a song. The double standards are ridiculous,” said one user.

Regardless, the collaboration opportunity has passed.

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