MoistCr1tikal slams Logan Paul’s “horrible” podcast reply to CryptoZoo drama

MoistCr1tikal blasts logan paul podcast reply to cryptozoo dramaYouTube: penguinz0, Logan Paul

YouTube star MoistCr1tikal has slammed Logan Paul’s secondary response to the ongoing CryptoZoo drama, calling his reply “shallow” and “horrible.”

Logan Paul is still reeling from accusations of allegedly “scamming” his fans via his 2021 cryptocurrency game, ‘CryptoZoo.’

Although the project launched two years ago, things ramped up after YouTuber and cryptocurrency investigator ‘Coffeezilla’ published a three-part video series dissecting the game, where he levied criticisms against Paul of “scamming” his fans.

Now, Paul is facing backlash on all fronts — especially after he published his response to Coffeezilla on January 3, who he accused of including an “illegal recording” of a private conversation in his videos and threatened to take the YouTuber to court over it.

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Paul went on to further address the controversy on a January 4 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he made similar claims to those in his initial response video and even showed a letter he’d received from a young fan, which moved him to tears.

MoistCr1tikal blasts Logan Paul’s “shallow” response to CryptoZoo drama

MoistCr1tikal, however, isn’t convinced of Paul’s innocence. After reaming the YouTuber’s first response in a previous video, Cr1tikal went on to blast him again in a second upload, calling his podcast conversation about the issue “horrible” and “shallow.”

“His video wasn’t the best when it came to proving his innocence,” he began. “So, he then released a podcast episode yesterday going over it deeper. However, it’s not deep at all. This sh*t is shallower than a microp**s.”

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“It doesn’t go anywhere. It’s still the surface-level sh*t where he doesn’t actually talk about any of the evidence-backed claims that Coffeezilla makes against him, his team, and his project. It’s an hour and 20 minutes of them trying to play the victim.”

“It’s so shameless at one point that he begins reading a letter that he supposedly received from a fan that made him tear up, talking about how great of a person Logan is and how he has such a kind heart. …none of this has anything to do with the Coffeezilla investigation.”

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It’s clear that Moist isn’t taking Logan’s response to the Coffeezilla drama all that seriously — and neither is fellow influencer Ludwig, who similarly took shots at Logan’s reply to the matter in his own video covering the subject.

Paul has also been getting heat from YouTuber Ethan Klein, who gladly volunteered himself to go to court against Paul for claims of “defamation” after accusing Logan of being a “scammer” multiple times in the past.