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MoistCr1TiKal dons hazmat suit to open Amouranth’s $1000 fart jar

Published: 19/Mar/2022 5:00 Updated: 19/Mar/2022 2:53

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


MoistCr1TiKal didn’t take any risks opening Amouranth’s $1000 fart jar. He wore protective goggles and a hazmat suit for the occasion, claiming it was a “biological weapon” — but the results of his experiment weren’t expected.

Amouranth has built an impressive list of business endeavors, including convenience storesgas stations, and more. Recently, she’s been selling $1000 fart jars, and people are going absolutely nuts over them.

Despite their value and limited availability, it’s sparked a trend of people opening them up and reacting to them. Mizkif was one of the first to do it, and he lost his mind over how foul it smelt and begged for more.


MoistCr1TiKal decided to give it a go, too. However, unlike Miz, he came prepared in the form of protective goggles and a hazmat suit, insisting it was essential because the fart could be a “biological weapon.”

Amouranth sells farts
Amouranth’s $1000 fart jars apparently pack a pungent punch.

“Science fans, we’ve got a special treat today,” he said to his viewers. “Santa Claus came early and delivered Amouranth’s fart jar. I watched Rich Campbell open it on stream and smell it, and he was repulsed!”

For that reason, he felt the need to wear protective goggles to prevent him from getting “pink eye” and a hazmat suit to shield him from the toxic fumes that would be unleashed upon the world by opening the jar. 


He was apprehensive at first but eventually opened the jar. However, when he took a whiff, he didn’t smell anything. “We got a dud! There’s no fart in this jar! She scammed us!” Needless to say, he was disappointed.

He gave it another whirl and concluded there was a subtle hint of an unpleasant smell. “It doesn’t smell like an average jar. Like, there’s an intention to be stinky.”

Still, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as he hoped.

In the end, Cr1TiKaL still appreciated the fact Amouranth sent him one. He thanked her for the opportunity and asked for another. “Thanks for the fart! Can we get one? Like, one after a disgusting meal?”


The protective gear wasn’t needed this time around, but perhaps it’ll be of more use next time — especially if she adheres to his demands.