MoistCr1tikal calls MrBeast’s bluff in epic finish to $100k poker game

Charlie moistcr1tikal mrbeastMoistcr1tikal/MrBeast

MoistCritikal and MrBeast faced off in a friendly poker match for YouTube with one hand worth about $100,000, and it all came down to one called bluff.

There’s nothing like a poker night with some friends, but it’s not often you see six figures on the line for a casual get together. But that’s how much Charlie and MrBeast were throwing into the pot for their game.

That made the buy-in for this showdown $50,000 apiece for each person, not exactly pocket change. Only one content creator would walk away richer in the end, and it all came down to one single call.

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As the title of the video above suggests, it was indeed Cr1tikal who ended up winning the $100,000 pot, making himself $50,000 richer in the process.

It was an epic matchup between two card sharks though, going back and forth between hands before ‘Penguinz0,’ as Cr1tikal is often called, started to get far enough ahead he was in a position to end it.

After calling with just a pair of Aces, Charlie was unaware MrBeast didn’t have a hand at all, until he saw his opponents cards and realized he had just won.

“Half of my money was money I won from Ludwig last night,” MrBeast explained. “So technically, I only lost $25,000. I exuded so much confidence, convinced him I had two pairs, and he still called.”

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MoistCr1TiKaL flexing arms.Moistcr1tikal
It remains to be seen what Charlie will end up doing with his winnings.

“This is the greatest poker match of All Time,” Cr1tikal proudly proclaimed on YouTube, and we’d have to agree, getting five figures richer from poker is a moment not many people will get to experience.

What the YouTuber will spend his winnings on remains to be seen, but he certainly has plenty of options after a great night of cards.