Modern Warrior goes private on TikTok after Chelsea Hart drama

Lance Tsosie goes private on TikTok after Chelsea Hart dramaInstagram: modern_warrior__ , chelseahartisme

TikToker and activist Lance Tsosie has gone private on TikTok and allegedly asked his fanbase to report Chelsea Hart, following drama between the two TikTok stars.

Lance Tsosie, also known by his online handle ‘Modern Warrior,’ found himself at the epicenter of internet drama earlier in March.

The turmoil began after TikToker Chelsea Hart uploaded a video claiming that she’d been in a relationship with Tsosie for around 6 months, which she’d thought was exclusive and monogamous.

However, after flying out to see Tsosie in Denver, she found that he was seeing another woman after he posted a TikTok with her.

Modern Warrior TikTokTikTok: modern_warrior__ / chelseahartisme
Modern Warrior (left) was accused of infidelity by TikToker Chelsea Hart (right).

Tsosie later apologized to Hart in a now-deleted TikTok video for “not being the effective communicator that I wanted to be,” and notably described his relationship with Hart as a “friendship.”

Tsosie lost half a million followers as a result of this drama, dropping from about 3.2 million to 2.7 million in the span of a week, according to stats from Social Blade.

modern warrior account privateTikTok: modern_warrior__
Lance Tsosie has privated his TikTok account amid his drama with Chelsea Hart.

Lance Tsosie leaves TikTok

Several weeks after the drama kicked up, Tsosie claimed that he was quitting TikTok, stating as such in a video that he claimed was his “last post.”

“It is that time — the time for me to step away entirely and leave my account,” he explained, citing instances of being “doxxed, harassed, and threatened” as a result of the issues with Hart.

Fans have noticed that rather than deleting his profile, Tsosie has since gone private — and also seemingly asked his viewers to mass report Chelsea Hart in an Instagram stories post.

“I’m curious… can we do it?” the now-removed post read. “Let’s try. Report their account.” A screen recording of the post shows that a link underneath this caption lead to Hart’s TikTok profile.

Thus far, the response to the matter is decidedly mixed, with fans on all sides arguing their points online. Tsosie has not made any further comment on the subject at the time of writing.

Hart herself has also faced backlash for her role in the drama, and has now turned off all comments on her videos as a result.