MMA Fighter Taunts Opponent With Fortnite Dances and Brings Out Infinity Gauntlet After Win

by Calum Patterson


MMA Fighter Michael "Venom" Page, known for his showboating antics, took his fighting and entertaining game to the next level after he brought out the Infinity Gauntlet and performed Fortnite dances after beating his opponent.

At the Bellator 200 on Friday May 25th, Page was returning after an 18 month hiatus, and during his time off had obviously become a fan of the battle royale game Fortnite.


And Page is known for his extravagant fight celebrations, so fans were waiting to see how he would elevate his performance, provided he got past his opponent, David Rickles.

Ahead of the fight, Page even mentioned that he would had been inspired by Atletico Madrid player Antoinne Griezmann and his Fortnite celebrations.


Speaking to the Metro before the fight, Page said it was important he picked something that would be relevant.

"I’m hoping for a big bang finish. It’s all brainstorming still, it could change.’ 

There’s loads, all the up and coming dance moves, games, new movies coming. There’s so much out there, I saw Antoine Griezmann doing the Fortnite dance. 

There’s so much out there these days, it’s hard to decide. There’s so many different things going off at the same time. I like to leave it to as close as possible and pick the most relevant."

And he did not disappoint, as he taunted his opponent with dances mid-fight, and once Rickles forfeited by verbal submission - signalling to the referee to say he could not go on.


And once the fight was over, Page, also known as 'Venom' or 'MVP', continued with the Fortnite 'L' dance - just like Griezmann, as well as the new 'Shoot dance.'

After the fight, he said he was dedicating the win to his cousin Helena Ramsay, who was killed in the Florida shooting at Parkland high school.

He also made a comment in a post match interview about the Infinity Gauntlet: "Just let me click my fingers. I'm taking over everybody, everybody."

Source: Metro / CBS