MLB The Show 23 streamer has perfect comeback towards hater on TikTok

TikTok haterTikTok: Nutzypoo

A popular content creator on TikTok had the perfect video response to a hater who tried taking a jab at the TikToker’s lifestyle.

TikTok user Nutzypoo is fairly popular on the social media platform, with more than 110,000 followers and a wide range of video content.

The TikToker and Twitch streamer primarily focuses on content related to the MLB The Show series. Since the baseball sim’s latest release, The Show 23, hit store shelves late last month, Nutyzpoo’s accounts have garnered all kinds of attention.

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But one person had no interest in commenting on MLB The Show 23, instead opting to crack jokes about the streamer’s presumed lifestyle. The content creator’s video response is nothing short of a sight to behold.

TikTok user responds to hater in the best way possible

In the comments section of one of Nutyzpoo‘s videos, one person wrote: “you need to add some bi****s.” The TikToker says similar replies pop up every year, but he doesn’t mind “stunt[ing]” on his haters if he has to.

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In a video response to the commenter, Nutzypoo shared photos of his lovely wife on the days they got engaged and married.

“And just to flex a little bit harder,” he showed off his law degree. The TikToker user then told haters that in addition to practicing law, he also gets “paid money to play a video game.” Nutzypoo ended the comeback video with a delighted, “my life is good.”

As several other TikTok users pointed out, it didn’t take long for the original comment to disappear following Nutzypoo’s post.

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Others simply applauded the creator’s “common dub.” One person wrote, “you’re a walking W, bro.” Someone else commented, “bro just flexed on them haters.”

Hopefully, this will keep the MLB The Show player’s doubters at bay until the next entry launches next spring.

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