Mizkif’s wild New Year’s Eve Twitch stream nearly ends in disaster

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch star Mizkif rung in 2022 with a crazy stream involving a party with tons of fellow streamers which almost resulted in a painful hand injury via carelessness with a replica sword.

Nobody on Twitch rung in the New Year quite as Mizkif did.

Known for his epic holiday streams, he pulled no punches for 2022 as got together some huge content creators like Rich Campbell, Esfand, and Mia Malkova to celebrate at his streamer house.

The broadcast, of course, led to some hilarious moments as well as him almost losing a finger.

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Mizkif has over 1.7 million Twitch followers.

Mizkif’s New Year’s party goes wrong

The festivities started off slowly as the streamer sat and interacted with his chat for quite some time.

“We haven’t played anything. We’ve just sat here… This is your content?!” Mia laughed as she roasted his handling of the intro to the broadcast.

As Mia grew increasingly bored, she began playing with a sword she found. Realizing it was potentially dangerous to unsheath the weapon, Miz, Esfand, and Rich attempted to disarm her.

“I’ve held a lot of swords in my life,” she said as she pulled out the blade, sending the group into a frenzy. Mizkif put the sword back, and when she unsheathed it again, his hand was nearly sliced by the blade.

Thankfully for the safety of the group, Esfand got the sword away from Malkova and put it away from her reach.

He then took the show on the road, bringing tons of fireworks to light off outside the house.

“Trust me, I’m a doctor,” he shouted after lighting a firework off. It proceeded to fall over, and sprayed the explosives directly at the group of streamers.

Somehow, through the miracle of ringing in the new year, nobody was harmed by the firework incident or the blade.