Mizkif slams Twitch for unbanning streamer who threatened to “shoot people”

mizkif-twitch-unban-streamerTwitch: Mizkif / Wikimedia Commons

Mizkif slammed Twitch for unbanning ‘narcissawright’ after she threatened to “shoot people” at their headquarters following her initial ban, claiming it’s “unbelievable” and “unfair.”

On March 21, narcissawright — a streamer mostly known for doing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time speedruns, was permanently banned from Twitch after showing content on her stream that violated the terms of service.

After the ban was imposed, she made several concerning posts on social media, including one that said: “I want to kill myself and shoot people at the twitch HQ!!! hahahaah!!” Despite that, though, Twitch overturned the ban and shortened it to 22 days.

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Mizkif wasn’t thrilled about it. Not only did he say the decision was “unbelievable,” but he also said it was “unfair” on Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel, whose permanent ban is being upheld despite being less serious in his view.

narcissawright-twitch-threatTwitch / Twitter: Narcissawright
Narcissawright threatened to “shoot people” at Twitch’s headquarters.

“How is this… how?” Miz said, struggling to find the words to express how shocked he is over the decision. “How is Narcissa unbanned and how is Destiny not unbanned? This has got to be fake. There is no way!”

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Then, when a viewer said the difference is that Destiny is ‘trash,’ he responded, saying: “There is no comparison between what Destiny has ever said in the history of the world to ‘I’m going to shoot up the Twitch headquarters.'”

“I’m sorry, but that is unbelievable. It’s unbelievable that this person threatened to shoot up the Twitch headquarters and is getting unbanned in 22 days. That is not fair!”

Narcissawright told Dexerto that her threat wasn’t legitimate. “I don’t own any weapons, and the threat was non-credible,” she said. “I did feel like self-harming, though, and the tweet was my way of self-harming.”

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She also slammed Twitch for not factoring in her mental health.“I know this is an edgy comment, but I think if Twitch really cared about mental health they would have reached out and talked to me instead of suddenly deplatforming me.”

After the ban was overturned, she confirmed the news on social media and admitted she felt “remorse” over the situation but was “grateful” the platform showed her “mercy.” However, it still doesn’t sit well with Miz.

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