Mizkif slams Twitch after ban for watching Gross Gore clips

Mizkif hits out at Twitch after suspension over Gross Gore videoTwitch: Mizkif

Mizkif is hitting out at Twitch after receiving a surprising ban last week, claiming he got the boot for watching clips from banned streamer Gross Gore.

Mizkif has returned to streaming after a prolonged hiatus late last year — but his account was suddenly banned on January 13 due to “Aiding Account Suspension Evasion.”

Many fans presumed that Mizkif had been banned due to watching clips from streamer Gross Gore during his broadcast, who was indefinitely suspended from Twitch back in 2021.

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This marked Mizkif’s second-ever ban from Twitch, according to the StreamerBans website. Luckily, his account was reinstated after just 24 hours.

On January 16, he returned to streaming (in a full Hatsune Miku costume, no less) to discuss his ban. According to the streamer, he had, indeed, been banned for playing Gross Gore’s past clips during his broadcast.

Mizkif explains why he was banned on Twitch

Mizkif took issue with this, asking a Twitch representative why other streamers like xQc hadn’t been banned for watching clips from Destiny, another broadcaster who has been permanently banned from the website.

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“I want to understand their logic here,” he began. “I said, ‘So why was I banned? Specifically, why was I banned?’ They said, ‘You were banned because you watched the Gross Gore video.’ And you’re not supposed to watch the GrossGore video because he is banned off the platform.'”

“I said, ‘But doesn’t everybody react to Destiny all the time? Does that matter?’ And they said, ‘Well, nobody has ever reported xQc for watching Destiny.’ I’m like, you’re telling me not one person out of his 60-70k viewers didn’t ever report him for watching Destiny, or anybody for ever watching a Destiny clip?’ And they told me, ‘No.'”

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Mizkif was clearly upset with his suspension and took issue with Twitch’s reasoning. For now, he continues to stream as he makes plans to eventually move out of his house and start up a Twitch-focused gym with fellow broadcaster Knut.

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