Mizkif reveals insane highest earning month as a Twitch streamer

mizkif twitch streamerTwitch: Mizkif

The top Twitch streamers have become huge entertainers in their own right and, as a result, are making millions of dollars every month. Now, Mizkif has revealed the insane amount he made in one great month on the platform.

While monetizing as a Twitch streamer isn’t the easiest when first getting started, the money can reach dizzying heights once it starts rolling in. With subscribers, sponsorships, donations, and more all adding up, the top streamers are truly making a killing.

That said, it’s rare to find out how much creators are making. They can be understandably private about these things, but sometimes we get a little insight into the insane amounts they’re making.

For example, Adin Ross accidentally leaked that Roobet is paying him and his content crew, including FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, and more — around $2 million a month to sponsor their gambling streams.

mizkif hasan halloween costumeInstagram: realmizkif
Mizkif isn’t often one to flash his cash — but he’s making a lot of it.

Mizkif is a different beast, though. He has been one of the top names on Twitch for some time, with a mix of gaming and IRL-style content that fans have grown to love.

That said, he never strikes as someone that is ‘rich’, since he’s not flashy with his money — but it’s fair to say he comfortably passes the threshold.

After a viewer asked what the most amount he’s ever made in one month from Twitch is, he took a moment to consider the question. Then, nonchalantly, he said: “In the month of April I made $500,000.”

While we all know that the biggest streamers make insane amounts of money, it definitely puts it more into perspective when a price figure is given.

Mizkif must be comfortably making seven figures a year, and to think there are many more like him on the platform is absurd.

That said, it would definitely be interesting to find out what other top Twitch stars are making, even if it’s just in their best month. It would definitely give us a greater insight into how much these creators are really earning.