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Mizkif promises big change to future OTK events after Minx Oxy controversy

Published: 25/Nov/2021 5:32

by Brad Norton


Following controversy that kicked off during a recent OTK ‘Friendsgiving’ event, one that saw Esfand, Minx, and Malena all come under fire for different reasons, Mizkif has announced a rule change regarding alcohol at future gatherings.

While OTK’s most recent event came with good intentions, drama involving some of the internet’s biggest streamers is what it’s now remembered for.

During the broadcast, Malena offered alcohol to Team Envy’s Minx. Esfand interrupted to prevent Minx from drinking with certain medication in her system. However, it was later revealed that Minx wasn’t actually taking medication and that it was all “a bit.”


This situation drew hot takes from plenty of others across social media with Asmongold even claiming all three of them were “in the wrong.”

Now, another OTK co-founder has chimed in: Mizkif took to Twitch on November 24 providing an update and explaining what’s changing for future events.

“We’ve talked internally and we all came to an agreement,” he revealed to thousands tuned in live. “From now on, OTK thinks it’s best that for alcohol specifically, we are either limiting it or we are just not going to have alcohol for an extended period of time.”

After the outrage from the Friendsgiving event, the group of mega-popular streamers all decided that having alcohol at events just isn’t “worth it,” he added.


“Alcohol is not beneficial. It’s not good. If you can’t be entertaining without alcohol, you’re not entertaining. That doesn’t just go for me, that goes for all of us.”

Not only is Mizkif representing himself as one of the top streamers on Twitch, but also speaking on behalf of his org. “If we want to be a good org,” he continued, “we need to step the f*** up.”

So moving forward, things will be handled differently when it comes to alcohol at OTK gatherings. Whether it’s completely out of the equation or strictly limited, the group evidently wants to avoid any repeats of similar drama.


Minx herself has since apologized for the controversy recently too.