Mizkif finds insane 3k spraydown in CSGO, but it was far from perfect

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo showed off his incredible spray control during a CSGO competitive match with a quick spraydown, but the three kills he got wasn’t what he bargained for.

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Knuckling down your spray patterns is one of the biggest learning curves in Counter-Strike. Every gun is slightly different in terms of recoil, but once you master them, you’ll be hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy in no time.

Mizkif looked like he had been brushing up on his skills recently and wanted to flaunt them in front of his friends during a competitive match on stream on October 21. The Twitch star flexed his muscles during a bomb site execute, but the spray he put forward was a bit unusual.

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Mizkif and his gang, consisting of other streamers like ‘Jakenbake’ and ‘Lacari’, were struggling in their CSGO game, down 13-6. After a successful B site take on Dust 2, Mizkif was listening out for any sneaky counter-terrorists in tunnels.

When he heard footsteps come crashing through, he swung around to shut down the enemy retake. But, there was an obstacle in the way ⁠— Blex himself. Instead of stepping around his teammate, Mizkif shot right through him, cleaning up the two CTs and Blex for the ‘3k’.

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“Uh, I got three kills there,” he said as he cleared his throat after getting the ‘3k’. “Easy.”

Meanwhile, on the other end of the situation, Blex was shocked that his teammate betrayed him in the name of getting the Reddit-worthy spraydown and MVP accolades for the round.

“Did you just kill me?” asked Blex, stunned at what had happened to him that round. While it’s likely that Blex could have gotten the job done himself, it wouldn’t have been with the same level of flair that Mizkif brought to the table.

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Mizkif didn’t offer anything in response, with the streamer dead focused on getting the lead back and winning the game, although he did let out a little grimace when he knocked down Blex, indicating that maybe the entire thing was an accident.

While they had a few fleeting successes in the rounds to come, Mizkif himself had a relatively quiet game, taking a backseat to Jakeandbake pulling up some hard frags. He spent his time calling the shots instead, trying to rally his team to victory.

Twitch: MizkifMizkif took down his own teammate in an otherwise pretty decent AK-47 spray in CSGO.
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Unfortunately for Mizkif and company, they were unable to claw the game back, losing the game 16-11. That one heroic round wasn’t enough to salvage any dignity on the scoreboard either, as he found himself on the bottom with 13 kills — 14 if you take out the team kill.

The popular Twitch streamer is sitting in Silver 2 for now, but it shouldn’t be long until he sees himself flying towards Global Elite if he can get his sprays nice and tight.