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Mizkif speechless reading Hasan meltdown from xQc’s Twitch tier list

Published: 16/Jun/2022 2:11

by Alan Bernal


Mizkif was baffled to see Hasan’s reaction to the Twitch Streamer Tier list penned by xQc, but it wasn’t a complete surprise to see how some would react to the rankings.

With streamers shifting to other platforms and the power struggle for viewers getting tighter, clear favorites hit the top of popular categories day in and day out. xQc put together a rough list of who sits atop the Twitch totem pole.

While some like Asmongold and Summit1g made the cut to the F-tier, or ‘F-The Face Of Twitch,’ Hasan found himself in B-tier with the likes of popular broadcasters like Myth, Disguised Toast, Pokimane, and more.


xqc twitch tier list
xQc Twitch
xQc’s tier list had Hasan alongside Twitch greats like Pokimane and Esfand.

Miz came across some screenshots of Hasan’s reaction on Discord and it didn’t look like he took the news well, suggesting it was the last straw against xQc.

“Holy sh*t!” Mizkif said. “Here’s the thing I did a joking tier list a few years ago. But this is truly how I feel about doing tier lists of other streamers: it’s very sh**y to do. It just does this, it causes problems for no reason.”

The Egg has seen how these lists can affect people and just make trouble out of nothing. But he was reeling at how longtime broadcaster Hasan took the rankings in the first place.


In the messages, Hasan mentioned that this outburst was a long time coming as his view on xQc hasn’t been great since the Depp v Heard trial meta, his gambling stream phase, and more.

“I don’t give a f*** about xQc’s tier list,” Hasan said. “I’m just no longer capable of being charitable when he regularly sh*ts on me in his chat and is overall doing bad sh*t for endless bags of money like streaming crypto gambling to thousands.

“I have been annoyed with him and it [the tier list] was the straw.”

These personal tier lists can wildly fluctuate from one another and are a great way to bait a reaction, exactly why Miz doesn’t think it’s a good idea to put them together in the first place.