Mizkif isn’t actually facing legal action for refusing to bring his own trash in

Mizkif courtTwitch: MizKif

Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo told viewers he may have to go to court after a large number of HOA fines piled up due to a housemate’s negligence – but he’s since clarified it was just a prank.

For those unaware, HOA stands for the Homeowners Association. This association essentially enforces the rules to maintain a given neighborhood.

In Mizkif’s case, he said live on stream that his content house had gotten on their HOA’s bad side, running the risk of him having to go to court.

Mizkif mentioned the situation in a recent conversation with Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk while live, for Twitch chat to hear.

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Mizkif tells story about facing legal action over trash

“Did you know that we got ten things in the mail for HOA? We’re getting in trouble a lot, to the point where I might have to go to court,” Mizkif explained.

“What?” Emiru replied bluntly.

He continued: “Yeah, so basically HOA is fining us every single week and we’re having problems with them. And the reason why we’re having problems with them is because we aren’t taking the garbage back into the house.

“And that’s not my fault, because I bought the house, and I expect one of us to bring the garbage back in. Yeah, no, my HOA is really cringe. Like, really cringe. If you don’t bring the garbage back in two days, they will fine you.”

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The story seemed to create some panic, momentarily.

“I don’t even know what day of the week garbage day is,” Emiru admitted.

The two muted, then discussed the specific trash day. But shortly after they unmuted, Mizkif added “make sure on Tuesday, you have to bring the garbage back in.”

After the situation was picked up by viewers and shared across social media, Mizkif reached out to Dexerto to confirm the whole thing wasn’t real. It was, indeed, a prank.

The streamer even sent us a video of him bringing the trash in.

So, if you were sitting there worrying about one of Twitch’s biggest streamers possibly facing legal action, your nerves should be put at ease.

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