Mizkif explains why he’s “scared” to attend TwitchCon 2022

Mizkif reveals why he doesnt want to go to twitchconTwitch: Mizkif

Twitch streamer ‘Mizkif’ has revealed why he’s hesitant to attend Twitchcon 2022, mentioning that he doesn’t want to be constantly bombarded by fans at the event. 

On February 22, Twitch announced the dates for Twitchcon 2022 in San Diego, California, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. They also revealed that they will be celebrating the event with 50,000 partners and 1.5 million affiliates on the platform.

Despite cancellations over the last few years, Twitchcon has provided fans with a chance to see their favorite streamers in person — with some offering meet and greets during the event.

Mizkif has shared concerns over going to the 2022 event, stating that he didn’t like how xQc was bombarded by fans in 2019.

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Mizkif’s Twitchcon concerns

After coming across a Twitchcon reference on Reddit, Mizkif’s chat began asking if he would be present at the upcoming convention.

“Idk man. It just seems like Twitchcon North America is just not the move. Last time, I was with [xQc] and he was getting bombarded with people left and right. All the time he was getting bombarded with people,” he explained.

“It was annoying. It wasn’t a fun time, it was just f**kin annoying.”

Mizkif went on to note that xQc was live streaming from Twitchcon 2019 to 50k viewers and that both of them have grown in popularity by a significant margin since then.

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“You realize that if I go live at Twitchcon, I’ll probably have 100k, and if he goes live, he’ll probably have 200-300k? That growth has happened over the last few years. I’m personally ‘scared’ of the number of people that are going to be coming up to me.”

He did, however, mention that he wouldn’t hesitate to go to Twitchcon if they were able to provide him with security so he’s not suffocated by fans. He has plenty of time to make his decision, though, as Twitch has yet to begin ticket sales.