Mizkif defends Tommyinnit after “pathetic stans” try to cancel Minecraft star

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Mizkif TommyInnit Minecraft stans
Twitch: Mizkif / YouTube: tommyinnit

Mizkif has attempted to defend Thomas ‘Tommyinnit’ Simons from “pathetic” Minecraft stans, after the star’s followers tried to cancel him over a joke about lesbians, claiming that, while it was edgy, it was mainly minor and inoffensive.

Tommyinnit’s popularity is on the rise, but it seems to be a double-edged sword, as he keeps finding himself roped into endless battles with Minecraft stans.

They’ve slammed him for everything, including poking fun at Johnathan ‘Jschlatt’ Schlatt’s past controversies to asking Olajide William ‘KSI’ Olatunji for a shoutout in response to a tribute tweet he posted about a deceased rapper.

Now, he’s come under fire again, but this time it’s a little more serious, at least in the eyes of some fans.

Essentially, Tommy responded to a fan who called him an “honorary lesbian,” joking that he “doesn’t know” if he is a lesbian or if he would “qualify” as a lesbian but “hopes” that he does.

His comments have been labeled as “lesbiphobic” and “really damaging” to the LGBTQIA+ community, even from those who admit they’re “big fans” and believe he’s a “great ally.”

However, Mizkif doesn’t agree at all. “Is that it? Are you actually serious?” he said. “This is just so pathetic. How is he getting canceled for this?”

He went on to say that streamers like Tommy can’t “have fun” and “enjoy themselves” without having the possibility of getting canceled “every [time] they talk.” He also brushed the comments off as a “minor joke.”

“What is he supposed to do? What can he do? He can’t do anything!” he added. “The reality is, these kids… they love doing this kind of sh*t.”

Mizkif isn’t the only one to hold that view. Charlie ‘MoistCr1TiKaL’ White called out Minecraft stans for being “toxic” and “unhealthy” and lamented over the fact that Tommy needed to seek therapy because of them.

Still, some fans were offended by the joke, and while Mizkif doesn’t believe it warrants Tommy getting canceled, others pointed out that they’re only trying to educate people on the matter.