Mizkif claims he suffered major hair loss during Twitch hiatus

Twitch star Mizkif has claimed he suffered major hair loss before his return to streaming this year.

Amid an ongoing investigation into allegations that he helped cover up a sexual assault, Mizkif took a step away from streaming in October 2022.

Being placed on leave and put under investigation by One True King — the organization which he helped co-found — the Twitch star went on a hiatus across all social platforms.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, where the 27-year-old was found not guilty, he’s since returned to streaming as usual.

Mizkif opens up on major hair loss

Now, the streaming star has opened up about his struggles, revealing he suffered from major hair loss before his return to Twitch.

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In his January 20 broadcast, Mizkif shared a picture of his hair three months ago — around the same time he was facing backlash from the community.

Comparing pictures from then to now, Mizkif noted a key difference specifically in his hairline. “Isn’t that nuts? Isn’t that actually kind of crazy? This is when I’d go through my hair and get like 500 hairs,” he claimed.

Mizkif was also recently accused of taking steroids — which he has since denied — and as usual, his fans took the opportunity to poke fun. “Stop using steroids,” one fan joked.

It’s worth noting that it’s likely that his hair loss was due to the overwhelming stress he was under at the time.

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It hasn’t exactly been a smooth return to the Amazon-owned platform for Mizkif. The OTK co-founder went viral during one of his first streams back after dropping a bench press on himself while attempting a new personal best.

He was also hit with a ban from Twitch for “Aiding Account Suspension Evasion” before being quickly unbanned 24 hours later.