Mizkif believes Twitch CEO will have “positive impact” on site despite backlash

mizkif-says-dan-clancy-positive-impact-twitchYouTube: Mizkif / Twitter: JakeNBake

Mizkif had a phone call with Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, the night the platform came under fire for its new guidelines on branded content — and says he thinks Clancy will have a “positive impact” on the site despite the backlash.

On June 6, Twitch revealed new guidelines to branded content that will go into effect on July 1.

These guidelines introduced a bevy of restrictions on the kinds of advertisements that streamers are allowed to show, most notably banning “burned in” video, audio, and display ads. That’s not all; on-stream overlays are now limited to a mere 3% of screen size.

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Twitch also limited what kinds of products are allowed to be advertised on its platform, no longer allowing political content, adult-oriented products, or medical devices to be promoted, among other goods and services.

These new guidelines sparked a swath of backlash against the website, with many top broadcasters and even streaming organizations threatening to leave Twitch altogether if these new rules go through.

However, one top streamer — who was also vocally against Twitch’s new rules — says he has faith that the site will go in the right direction after hopping on a phone call with its CEO, Dan Clancy.

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Mizkif says he had phone call with Twitch CEO about branded content changes

On June 7, Mizkif uploaded a YouTube video claiming he spoke with Clancy in an hours-long phone call, which he walked away from confident that the CEO will have a “positive impact” on the company.

“Dan actually listened [to me],” Mizkif explained. “He listened to my feedback, he listened to what I had to say. And I do believe that Dan is going to be making a positive impact on the future of Twitch.”

“I hope that Dan is the beginning of many good changes to this website, and I hope this website starts listening to its creators and viewers, and creating a better viewing experience overall, so people can have experiences like I did in 2013.”

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Mizkif himself has signed a deal with Rumble to occasionally stream on their platform on top of his pre-existing Twitch broadcasts — a trend that has been happening more and more often with a huge chunk of Twitch’s top talent as of late.

For now, the streaming wars rage on as more competitor sites line up in the wings waiting to take advantage of Twitch’s every move.

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