Mizkif begs fans to stop sending Jinny hate amid OTK drama

Virginia Glaze
Mizkif asks fans to stop harassing Jinny
Twitch: Mizkif, Jinnytty

Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo has issued another statement in wake of the current drama surrounding broadcasting group ‘OTK’ after asking fellow streamer Jinny to leave his home.

While OTK (short for ‘One True King’) is a relatively new streaming organization, the minds behind the group have been on Twitch for some time. Comprised of popular broadcasters like Asmongold, Esfand, and Mizkif, the content collective officially kicked off last October — but just months later, they have found themselves entrenched in drama.

The issues started due to tensions between Mizkif and fellow IRL streamer Jinny, who has become known for her traveling exploits (as well as the hilarious shenanigans she finds herself in while abroad).

Jinny was living in Mizkif’s Texas home for a U.S. stay — but now, OTK is asking her to leave the residence, in part because she had invited her brother over to the house to visit in spite of current health concerns. However, it’s also worth noting that Jinny discussed the situation at length with Esfand, with both parties seeming to mutually come to the same conclusion that it’s best for her to leave.

OTK group photo
Instagram: @otknetwork
OTK is comprised of popular streamers like Mizkif, Asmongold and Esfand.

Unfortunately, this appears to have sparked a slew of harassment and hate toward Jinny, after Mizkif explained that OTK was worried for the health of Asmongold’s mother and Tips’ new baby.

Mere days later, Mizkif returned to Twitch alongside Jinny to address the situation, begging fans to stop sending hate toward her in wake of what appears to be a painful parting for the group.

“We both know that there’s clearly been people who were fabricating stuff and making things worse,” Mizkif stated. “I think it’s the community, I think it was Jinny’s fault — it’s also our fault, too, my fault.”

“We hate that this turned into this crap,” he continued. “It really makes us sad. I know she’s been crying a lot, and it makes me feel really shitty, thinking that any of this is a problem. ‘Cause I like Jinny a lot, and I know my community does, too. I don’t want Jinny to be upset, at all.”

Citing the issue as “massive communication errors,” the streamer then asked his fanbase to stop harassing Jinny amid all the drama, claiming that the IRL streamer had been in tears for three days.

Mikif’s statement has sparked a wave of conversation among his viewers as fans continue to debate the morals of Jinny’s brother’s travels and the overall safety of streamers visiting each other during quarantine.