Mizkif and Maya shocked as neighbor rages at late-night Twitch stream

by Brent Koepp
Twitch: Mizkif


Popular Twitch streamers Matthew 'Mizkif' Rinaudo and Maya Higa were left speechless when an angry neighbor raged out at them over their late-night broadcast.

Unlike most traditional jobs, broadcasting often has the perk of working from home. However sometime those living around a streamer are not very accepting at what they do – regardless if thousands of viewers are watching.

This was the case for Twitch personalities Mizkif and Maya, who were left rattled when their nighttime broadcast was interrupted by an angry neighbor pounding their fists on the wall.


Mizkif's stream interrupted by angry neighbor 

The streamers were in the middle of a broadcast when a loud banging sound rang out behind their wall. Mizkif yelled as he was shocked by the abrupt explosion of noise.

"What time is it?" Maya asked. "11PM," Mizkif replied. "Yeah, they may be pissed..." she said. Suddenly the angry neighbor hit their wall again and followed it up by screaming. The streamer put her hand over her mouth, stunned.

The two sat quietly for a minute, waiting to see if the person next door would lose it again. However, they finally broke their silence when the Twitch star said, "Your dogs are shaking."


Mizkif seemed confused by the neighbors rage, and said "I don't understand we're not even being loud." His streaming partner jokingly replied "Well, you're always loud in fairness. But uh, that's never happened."

Maya then theorized that it might have been from next door's roommate as them hitting the walls seemed out of character. "That also wasn't my neighbor I don't think. He may have a roommate or partner, but I only know one."

Still stunned, Mizkif explained to his chat, "It's 11 o clock on a Saturday. It's not even late, Maya's thrown parties here, chat." Later on in the stream, she said, "I'm scared he's going to call the cops. He was super angry."


The Twitch star made an attempt to talk to the angry person, however they never responded at their door. Luckily Mizkif was able to resume his 20-hour marathon stream by wearing headphones and keeping his voice at a normal level.

While the incident was rattling the say the least, it gave viewers a glimpse into the things that streamers have to sometimes deal with behind the scenes. It's also an example of how people in the real world don't necessarily care about what is happening online.