Mizkif and HAChubby’s Twitch pool stream crashes after $10,000 mistake

mizkif, hachubby in poolMizkif, Twitch

Mizkif is known for his wide variety of streams including various other influencers. During his August 10 pool stream with HaChubby, the worst thing happened – his camera fell over – almost costing him $10,000

Any streamer under the Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches category on Twitch can probably agree on one thing. The idea of hardware failure – whether it be equipment falling over on the ground, in the pool or something else – is absolutely terrifying.

Unfortunately, Mizkif experienced it on his August 10 stream with HAChubby.

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Disaster strikes on Mizkif’s stream

Mizkif on streamTwitch: Mizkif
Mizkif is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, always providing entertaining moments for his thousands of viewers.

In the stream, you can watch HaChubby step into the pool where she had been learning how to swim. Shortly after she steps into the pool you see a giant Pokemon inflatable head towards her which seemingly scares her, as you hear a little shriek come from the South Korean musical artist.

Shortly after, someone off-camera says to Mizkif that they were leaving the house for a little while. When they closed the door, the camera handling the stream fell over and crashed.

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As the stream goes dark, you hear Mizkif screaming: “The camera! No. No. No. No!” before explaining that the camera’s value was $10,000

Expensive mistakes

Seconds after the camera goes dark – the stream simply shows the HOLLYLAND camera screen, with the microphone still picking up their voices in the background.

Mizkif continues to explain that the camera may be cracked – right before it comes back on and you see the streamer with his phone in his hand outside of the pool before jokingly asking: “Is the camera PSA 10” referencing the grading system used for trading cards.

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After testing a few features on the camera, the crew decides to get back in the pool and continue the stream.

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