Mitch Jones denied Twitch partnership again after losing status in 2019

Published: 8/Jan/2021 22:10

by Virginia Glaze


Popular streamer Mitch Jones has once again been denied a partnership with Twitch after initially losing his status in 2019 in wake of several bans.

Mitch Jones is an OG IRL streamer on Twitch, having been broadcasting on the site for nigh on nine years.

However, his expansive career has been fraught with controversy, as he has received a series of bans throughout his time on the platform for such offenses as reading his chat while driving and showing racist messages on camera.

In 2019, Jones’ status as a Twitch partner was removed — and although Twitch never gave a reason for this development, many speculated that the broadcaster had received one too many back-to-back bans to warrant his partnership with the site.

Since then, Jones has been doing everything he can to renew this status with Twitch. The broadcaster already boasts 558,000 followers and streams on a daily basis, appearing to meet the site’s requirements for partnership.

It doesn’t look like his efforts are bearing any fruit, though, as he revealed in a January 7 tweet that he’d been denied, yet again, posting an email he’d received from Twitch in a screenshot.

“Hey mitchjones, thank you for applying to the Partner Program,” Twitch’s letter read. “Unfortunately, we cannot offer you Partnership at this time.”

The email cuts off after this sentence, leaving out any other explanation that may have been given for their denial — and Mitch’s own caption, “Sadge,” also leaves little to be gleaned from the situation.

Although his fans are showing an outpouring of support for the star, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to reap any of the benefits of the Partner Program, which include such features as extra emote slots, 60 days of storage for past broadcasts, and more.

Twitch Partner Requirements
To attain Partnership status, streamers must complete the Path to Partner, among other requirements.

While Jones’ subscription badge was missing after the removal of his Partner status in 2019, it seems that he’s managed to reach Affiliate again, as fans can now subscribe to his channel.

Although he’s still able to earn revenue on his stream, it seems that he won’t get the perks that Partnership brings anytime soon.


Summit1g’s girlfriend almost gets jealous over female NPC in GTA RP

Published: 24/Feb/2021 14:30 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 14:31

by David Purcell


Summit1g has been playing GTA RP in the NoPixel server relentlessly on Twitch and most of the time he’s having fun, but he found himself in a tricky situation after speaking to the Casino dealer. 

The Diamond Casino hasn’t always existed in the roleplaying world of Grand Theft Auto. In fact, it opened its doors on the NoPixel server for the very first time on February 18, and has made for some hilarious viewing.

In one instance, the variety streamer discovered some of the Blackjack tables were actually rigged, which was funny for fans to watch on his channel.

On February 23, though, the chat was left laughing at a very different situation.

GTA V Diamond Casino
Rockstar Games
The Diamond Casino is now open for business in GTA RP’s NoPixel server.

Casino dealer gets summit1g in trouble on GTA RP’s NoPixel

Sitting around the table with a number of other people roleplaying characters, his character – Charles Johnson – followed suit and interacted with the dealer after each card was drawn.

At one point he screamed “RACHEL!” after a card came out, and the timing was perfect. His girlfriend, off camera, entered his room presumably to bring some food in for him.

After hearing this random lady’s name screamed across the room, she appeared to ask what was going on between the two of them. Little did she know, Rachel was an NPC – and not a real person!

He said: “Baby, it’s an NPC dealer OK? Jesus, you’re f**king…”

Once she left the room, he opened up a bit more about what had happened away from the camera. Summit added: “She was like staring at me, haha!”

Summit1g wins big Blackjack hand

The leader of the 1G Squad has been raking it in during his time in the Diamond Casino. In one moment, he scooped a whopping 47,000 chips in a lucky hand, after placing a bet of 19,000.

Placing such a high stake got him nervous, so he turned his cam off for a few seconds. “Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me…I’m going to be standing up and pacing.”

Soon after, things got very interesting.

On this occasion, though, he wasn’t screaming Esteban’s name for anybody to get suspicious.

Jokes aside, this is just one of many hilarious moments that happen in every summit1g GTA RP livestream. At this rate, he won’t be straying away to another game any time soon. He’s having a blast!