Miranda Cosgrove responds to viral TikTok “I actually do cuss” sound

An image of Miranda Cosgrove and TikTokInstagram: Miranda Cosgrove, TikTok

Actor Miranda Cosgrove quickly went on viral on TikTok thanks to a sound snippet that took on new life, and now, she has reacted to the video’s unexpected popularity. 

TikTok sees hundreds of memes circulate every day, whether it’s a nostalgic classic from the Vine days or a new trend breaking the mold. One trend that has seen an enormous boom is the “I actually do cuss” sound, which originated from a Miranda Cosgrove interview hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings.

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After going viral with the amusing snippet Cosgrove has reacted to the TikTok clip’s popularity.

Miranda Csogrove speaking on a podcast next to the TikTok logoYouTube: Whitney Cummings
Miranda Cosgrove starred in iCarly and Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon.

Miranda Cosgrove playfully blames Whitney Cummings for “framing” her

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, interviewer Rachel Smith brought up the much-celebrated interview clip, prompting Cosgrove to give her take on things.

“Yeah when my friend Whitney and I were doing that interview after we had the exchange we had and she like laughed really hard, it’s kinda funny because everyone on TikTok thinks it’s me laughing,” the iCarly actress said.

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“It’s my friend Whitney laughing and I keep texting her saying like you ‘framed me’, and now all of TikTok is making fun of me,” continued Cosgrove.

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The clip is still making waves with TikTok users and the actor is enjoying every minute of it: “But yeah, it’s really funny, I love seeing all the videos, it’s hilarious.”

With celebrities such as Lizzo, Sophie Turner, and husband Joe Jonas adding to the trend, fans of Cosgrove will no doubt have been delighted when former Drake & Josh collaborator Josh Peck joined in on the fun too.

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The hugely popular TikTok sound shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.