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Minecraft streamer beats Ender Dragon using only his feet

Published: 14/Sep/2020 10:47

by Joe Craven


A Twitch streamer by the name Ezray has stunned fans by defeating Minecraft’s infamous Ender Dragon – while only using his feet. 

In terms of video game bosses and antagonists, few are as well known as Minecraft’s Ender Dragon. It can breathe fire and fireballs, and traverse Minecraft’s robotic world with intimidating ease.

As the final boss of the original Minecraft, no other actual Minecraft opponents really comes close to its notoriety and infamy. However, while defeating the dragon has become known as very tough, one Twitch streamer overcame the task in a truly unique way.

Ender Dragon in Minecraft
Being killed during a battle with the Ender Dragon is fairly common.

During a September 13 live stream, Ezray decided that an entertaining challenge would be to try and overcome Minecraft with only his feet. It was definitely an ambitious task but, with only 33 followers on the streaming platform, Ezray’s clips have amassed thousands of views and since gone viral.


In particular Ezray’s clip of overcoming the Ender Dragon, in which he can be heard urging his feet on in the closing moments.

A big explosion sees Ezray pull out the Iron Axe and, with multiple well-aimed swipes, the Ender Dragon falls. “Yes, we did it!” Ezray yelled. “It’s finally happened. I’m so f**king done with this game. Oh god… what is happening? We did it.”

Ezray’s newly accumulated viewership were delighted to see the streamer triumph with only his feet, with his full VOD available to view in a bizarre but surprisingly entertaining spectacle.


It’s not the first time we’ve seen a game played in a unique way. Just a few weeks ago, a Modern Warfare streamer went viral upon eliminating enemies while using a drum kit. Imagine dying to someone with drum sticks in their hands.