Millennial TikToker gets roasted by her Gen Z friend for wearing sunglasses wrong

Jordan Harper of TikTokTikTok: jordanharpernp

A Millenial sparked a debate on TikTok about how to correctly wear a pair of sunglasses after her Gen Z friend called her out for wearing them the wrong way.

As if Millennials weren’t already being called out enough on TikTok for their lingo, outfit choices, and more, Gen Z has found yet another way to rag on the older generation of TikTok users.

In a now-viral video on the popular social media platform, a Millennial by the name of Jordan Harper sparked a debate about how to wear sunglasses, as her Gen Z friend made fun of the way she wore hers.

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Though some TikTokers agreed with Harper on how to adjust sunglasses on one’s face, others were quick to say they didn’t even know there was a ‘right’ way to wear their shades. 

A Millennial sparked a debate on TikTok after their Gen Z friend made fun of the way they wore their sunglasses.Unsplash: wu yi
A Millennial sparked a debate on TikTok after their Gen Z friend made fun of how she wore her sunglasses.

Millennial TikToker gets called a “PR nightmare” for wearing sunglasses the ‘wrong’ way 

As a leading social media platform, TikTok doesn’t necessarily have a target audience, as its content is applicable to just about anybody over the age of 18, despite people even younger using it.

In fact, those who were born between the years of 1981 and 1996, who are also considered a Millennial, make for at least 30% of TikTok users, while Gen Z’ers who are between the ages of 9 and 24 make for at least 60% of TikTok users.

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Being that there are various age ranges using TikTok, it’s inevitable that debates between Millennials and Gen Z’ers arise — and when Harper put on her sunglasses in front of her younger friend, that’s exactly what happened.

In her now-viral TikTok video, Harper can be seen wearing fashionable black cat eye shades as she jokingly said, “I just want to let you know what kind of absolute bullying I’ve been receiving all day… all day!”

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Harper continued, “They (Gen Z friends) think it’s so funny! Laugh it up, because let me tell you something — the way I wear my sunglasses isn’t good enough for these people.”

The Millenial TikTok user proceeded to place her sunglasses snug to her face, far up on her nose, while her Gen Z friend urged her that ‘normal’ people wear their shades a few centimeters down on their nose, exposing the upper lash and part of the eyelid. Her friend can then be heard calling the way Harper wore her sunglasses a “PR nightmare.”

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Those who have seen Harper’s TikTok video have since taken to the comments section to answer Harper’s question, “How do you wear your sunglasses?”

One viewer stated an apparent observance, saying, “I didn’t know there was a wrong way to wear sunglasses. I just put them on.”

However, others were eager to share their opinions, as one commented agreeing with Harper, saying, “Gen X here and I wear them like yourself because I also have standards. And those standards are to see in the f—ing sun!”

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Another viewer was on the fence about how to wear them, saying, “I need sunglasses to block the sun. If I’m wearing them for style then I wear them lower on a cloudy day and higher when it’s actually sunny.”

Though opinions on how to wear sunglasses varied across the board, one thing was made clear, and it’s that sunglasses are for both style and protection.

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