Mike Tyson reportedly rejected Jake Paul fight deal for one reason

Michael Gwilliam
Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fighting

The real reason Mike Tyson turned down a boxing match against influencer Jake Paul has reportedly been revealed.

Rumors that boxing legend Mike Tyson was going to be fighting Jake Paul first sparked in January, with previous reports claiming that Iron Mike would be facing off against brother Logan.

Nothing came of those rumors, though, with both Tyson and Paul denying that a fight was in the works.

Now, a new report claims that not only was a fight being seriously considered, but Tyson himself backed out of it for one key reason.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul
Amanda Wescott/SHOWTIME/Instagram/MikeTyson
A fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson seems out of the picture.

Mike Tyson rejects Jake Paul boxing match

According to sources at The Sun, although a $50 million fight was on the table, the money wasn’t right for ‘Iron Mike’ to dust off his boxing gloves.

“The last few weeks have seen a change for Mike. He was on board for an exhibition bout with Jake in Vegas, but word is that the deal is not quite what he expected,” a source said. “It is not about him not being able to physically dominate Jake, but rather his life is not conducive to training to the level that would be required.”

Tyson has been heavily involved in his marijuana business since 2016, earning him quite a steady income that would make a fight against Jake Paul not worth the effort.

Mike Tyson chatting to Jake Paul
YouTube/Jake Paul
Mike Tyson has previously shown support for the Paul brothers and their boxing efforts.

“There is one significant factor in all this for Mike. He does not need or want to take this fight simply to enhance the image of Jake’s fighting credentials,” the source explained.

Although it may seem that Tyson has no plans on duking it out with Jake Paul, that hasn’t stopped The Problem Child from still expressing interest.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Paul said that he still wants to fight Mike Tyson, but because the two are friends, it would be “weird.”

Never say never, but it seems like a dream match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson is going to remain just that.