Mike Majlak reveals what actually happened in ‘cheating’ scandal

Published: 11/Feb/2020 22:26

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and ‘imPaulsive’ podcast host Mike Majlak went viral after allegedly “cheating” on his current main squeeze in early February — and now, he’s finally come out with the full story regarding his purported infidelity.

News of Majlak’s “cheating” scandal took the net by storm on February 9, after girlfriend Lana appeared to call out an unnamed woman for “having nothing better to do with your life than sit outside a club for hours.”

This “unnamed woman” ended up being Instagram model Ava Louise, who became famous after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil.

Ava Louise, Instagram
Instagram model Ava Louise, famous for appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil, admitted to sleeping with podcast host Mike Majlak in response to his “girlfriend.”

Louise replied to Lana’s Tweet, writing, “Imagine getting cheated on with a girl from Dr. Phil LOL,” later providing screenshots of she and Mike appearing to make plans for the evening.

After being called out by Lana in a Tweet that has since gone viral, Mike appeared on a February 11 episode of Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast to explain the situation, which he claims wasn’t strictly “cheating,” since he and Lana never truly solidified the terms of their relationship.

“I did feel bad because I knew that I hurt her,” he explained. “I don’t think that I cheated, I don’t think that I was unfaithful, or that I was a liar or anything like that, but I know that what I did hurt her, and that hurts me.”

Majlak went on to describe the events of the night, claiming that Ava had waited for him outside of two clubs to get his attention and even called the Dr. Phil celebrity a “dumpster gremlin,” alleging that she’d messaged him asking to get physical.

The YouTuber then admitted that he had, indeed, cheated on Lana with Louise in his hotel room later that night, expressing guilt over the ordeal in spite of their undefined relationship.

“She gets an Uber and she walks out, and I sit on my bed and I go…” he continued, placing his head in his hands. “You’re a f*cking idiot.”

(Timestamp: 7:30 for mobile viewers)

In the end, Majlak apologized to both Lana and Ava Louise, saying that the “Dr. Phil girl” “needs serious help” after claiming that her “whole goal” is to “expose” others.

Despite the massive storm that the controversy has sparked online, it seems that Majlak is ultimately sorry for his infidelity — but the jury is still out as to whether he and his lady love are “official.”


TikTok’s Owa Owa dog: All you need to know about Pudgywoke

Published: 19/Jan/2021 18:16

by Alice Hearing


Most dogs are adorable, but some can be outright terrifying. One dog on TikTok fits both categories, and he’s gone viral for his distinctive “owa owa” noise. 

Over the last week, the internet has gone crazy for this one very small and elderly Chihuahua called Pudgywoke, who went viral on TikTok after its owner, Malachy James, asked, “Can I get an Owa Owa?” Pudgy responded by biting his headphone mic and actually saying “owa owa.”

The videos of the adorable, but angry, pup have taken the app by storm, with some clips amassing more than 50 million views. Pudgy himself now has over 6.3 million followers on the platform.

Pudgywoke owa owa tiktok dog
Instagram: Pudgywoke
Pudgy has more than 6 million followers on TikTok

What’s the origin?

Despite blowing up over the last couple of weeks, Pudgy has been gracing the internet with his “owa owa’s” since December 5, when James posted a stitch reacting to a woman scooping macaroni from a dish in order to show off the wet sound, only for it to be completely dry.

James asks Pudgy for a reaction, and he makes a hilarious growling noise – which some commenters said sounded like fax machine, a cicada, and even a dial-up modem.

@pudgywoke##Pudgywoke ##Foryoupage ##Foryou ##Fyp♬ YOU ARE FOLLOWING – Pudgywoke

In one TikTok, James tells the story of how he got Pudgy and assures fans that Pudgy is okay. He thinks that Pudgy was once hit by a car after running away for a short time, because he started making the noises shortly after the incident.

In the last couple of weeks, Pudgy has now turned into a meme. Several TikTokers have had their own take on “owa owa,” including Joe Mele, who tried it out with his own dog and even his dad.

@mmmjoemeleYou guys will never be @pudgywoke♬ original sound – Joe Mele

The term has also popped up on almost every platform, with “Can I get an owa owa?” being commented on Instagram posts, Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and Tweets. Pudgy even appears in the “Thank you for changing my life” meme.

At the time of writing, the tag #owaowa has 45.6 million views on TikTok, and continues to gain momentum. Pudgy has certainly earned influencer status.