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Mike Majlak reveals his “true rock bottom” during addiction

Published: 6/May/2020 22:18

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Mike Majlak recently published his memoir, ‘The Fifth Vital,’ where he opens up about his past struggles with substance abuse — a subject he discussed during a shocking May 4 episode of Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

Majlak is more than a co-host for the imPaulsive podcast; having founded his own YouTube series “The Night Shift,” he’s become an online entertainer in his own right, later becoming part of Logan Paul’s crew of social media celebrities.


However, his road to internet stardom wasn’t laid out for him from a young age. Majlak explained that he became addicted to drugs in 2010, and reached “rock bottom” when offered illegal substances as a kid in the suburbs.


“My rock bottom, my true rock bottom, was in 2010,” he began. “I started a new drug because I was offered it in my lowest, non-thinking point in my life.

“Crazy! Think about what I’m saying to you now, bro. I was just a regular, white Connecticut kid.”

Citing the ensuing months as the “worst year of my life,” Majlak also revealed that his addiction coincided with his grandfather’s struggle with Parkinson’s and Dementia — making for a perfect storm of tough times for both himself and his mother.

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In 2012, I began a journey of trying to put into words the traumas I endured over an eight year battle against opiate addiction and other related tragedies. In the next eight year battle that came after, this time uncovering demons I’d buried for my own self-preservation, I recalled my own agonizing past and emotional path to redemption in hopes that it would help someone else facing the same struggles I have. After countless breakdowns, dozens and dozens of versions, and endless hours of collaboration and revisions, today I submitted the final manuscript for publishing. On May 5th, “The Fifth Vital” (swipe above to see the official cover) will be available worldwide as testament to the power that exists in every, single one of us to keep going when sadness or pain or fear consumes our entire world. While I am relieved to close a very painful chapter in my life, I am more so hopeful that this book will brighten the life of someone else. I pray that it brings you the light you so badly need, and that you never, ever, ever let that light go out.

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His mother asked him to watch over his grandfather — a task that led to a heartbreaking moment during the worst period in Majlak’s addiction.

“There was a day when my grandfather was in his recliner,” the star recalled. “He was downstairs, and he was just screaming, ‘Help me, help me!’ He was stuck in the chair and he couldn’t get up. …I was in the attic, smoking. I was paranoid. And I couldn’t help my grandfather.”


The tearful confession comes as part of a hopeful story for others in similar situations, with the YouTuber reminding readers that his book opens with a message to “those who struggle.”

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Now a successful entertainer with over one million subscribers to his name, Majlak has overcome his demons and is spreading his own story in the hopes that those in need of encouragement will find the strength to carry on.


Elon Musk pleads Overwatch to buff Torbjorn’s turrets

Published: 13/Oct/2020 18:41

by Michael Gwilliam


It’s no secret that tech billionaire Elon Musk plays video games, but on October 13, he shocked the internet when he revealed his Overwatch main and how he would buff the hero.

After making a rather random tweet about the “The Illuminaughty” – a clever play on words, YouTuber twomad asked the 49-year-old if he mains Torbjorn in Overwatch.


Regardless of how the weird topic got started, Elon replied saying “um… yes” confirming he does in fact play Blizzard’s hero-based FPS and mains the Swedish engineer.

The unlikely response earned Musk a whopping 26,000 likes. For much of Overwatch’s lifespan, Torb was considered a bit of a joke or throw pick who offered very little benefit on attack.


However, after a major rework, the DPS has grown increasingly stronger and is actually one of the most viable heroes in the game at all levels right now.

Sadly, Musk didn’t state how long he had been playing Overwatch or Torbjorn for that matter, so it’s possible that he had only played when the hero wasn’t as good or only after the big rework happened.

Even the official Overwatch Twitter account decided to get in on the fun and replied to Musk with a picture of a giant Torbjorn turret on Mars.


“We’ve been thinking about this for a while,” they captioned the humorous picture. “Call us.”

Furthermore, Musk went on to explain how he would buff Torbjorn and the ideas were interesting to say the least. “Please buff Torb’s turret!” he exclaimed. “Or maybe 2 weak turrets to allow more strategic degrees of freedom.”

It was certainly an interesting reply and a sign that we could be looking at one of the most ambitious crossovers in history if Overwatch takes Elon up on his idea.


Though it’s unlikely that we’ll see Musk’s ideas make it to the game, but there’s always the Experimental Mode, so it’s possible Elon could end up getting his wish.

Who knows – maybe next time you’re in a game and a player won’t swap off Torb, it may be Elon Musk of all people.